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    I am using a different Theme than yours together with your plugins. With surprise I have failed with all attempts to translate “License” into another language… The site is not in English.

    I have spotted that I am not first person that has been dealing with it. However the solution is not clear to me. The Javascript causes delay and before the page loads, the original “License” is visibly seen. That is really not good solution.

    I decided that I will simply go to php file and forcedly change it.

    I have searched with Putty all files to find label ‘License’ and I found all results in file named symbiostock-init.php – i replaced all findings there with the translation version.

    And nothing happened. No change.

    I was looking for woocommerce source, which seems to be a post type named pa_license, but its information are coming from symbiostock plugin.

    It must take the original label somewhere from the plugin. Can I please ask you where is the place to change, what is the original string or name where it comes from and in which file do I have to rename it?

    Thank you very much!

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    Have I now understood correctly that I should create several thousand licenses? While I create two variants with normal Woocommerce board means, and then simply attach the ZIP file (and Woocommerce even supports multiple files per variant) twice to the product. And I can simply upload the ZIP file via Woocommerce.

    Where does the 49 Dollar plugin save me any work. And where do I have an advantage? If I understand the brief instructions correctly, I should now create a dummy product. Then look up the number. Then rename the file separately, then create two licenses for this file (I always need two) and then go back into the product and enter the licenses. And that then about 1800 times?

    And without the plugin I create two variants once, create the product, upload the ZIP once and add it to the two variants and I’m done. That’s also a good 1800 times, but I only need a fraction of the time.

    So this can’t be it. And why does Symbiostock always change the file name when I add the file manually? Now that you have bought the expensive license, I expect that all other files are allowed as well.

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    Hi Robin,
    I am attempting to rename “License” on the single product page as Graham did a while back. I have copied and pasted the javascript you provided –
    jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
    if ($(“form.variations_form.cart h4”).text() == ‘Choose your License’) $(“form.variations_form.cart h4”).text(‘My New Text’);
    into my functions.php file however the script just appears at the top of the page and has no effect. Could you please help me get it right? Regards, Patrick

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    Can it cause any problem if I rename the license slugs? Interfering with already uploaded files, or with Symzio?

    I have a discount plugin and it prompts these slugs, and looks unprofessional

    many thanks

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    Hi Graham,

    So an easy Javascript solution is similar to what was posted here (follow the same initial instructions):

    Rename license

    And use this code specific to your site:

    jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
      	if ($("form.variations_form.cart h4").text() == 'Choose your License') $("form.variations_form.cart h4").text('My New Text');

    And just change the text as is necessary. I see you’ve already changed the test to ‘Choose a price option’ but I would say revert everything back to default and just use the javascript solution for less headache.

    As for the license prices not updating, that’s another issue and does work on our test sites so either it is just going to take some time on your end or the processor is not running properly or something else could be the issue.

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    my 3rd problem is that I can’t change the word “License” in the sentence “Choose your License” on product page.

    So, it would be awesome when you can tell me how to solve these three problems:

    1. rename “Select License” buttons under products on main page
    2. delete the keyword line on product page
    3. rename the complete sentence “Choose your License” on product page.


    I hope someone can help

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    I’m building a Stockphoto website with Symbiostock Express. Everything works fine except for these “Select License” buttons and the second keywords line on each product site.

    How can I rename these “Select License” buttons and how can I remove the second keywords line?


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    Sergey Rodionov

    Thanks Robin – I solved the problem by reinstallation of Symbiostock and now i do not delete licenses, and just rename them. Now the necessary licenses are automatically added.


    In reply to: License problems…

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    11A Fotografie

    The Licenses do display as variations, the price just isn’t shown. They all have a value in the price (see this printscreen).

    I would love to check again, but it turns out that I can’t access the licenses anymore… It says that I don’t have the permission to access that part. While I’m the only user on this site and it worked fine yesterday… I think this might have to do something with the change I made in the database to rename License into Product (did that after reading this topic:…

    I think I will try with a clean install on an other site (I have another one I don’t really use anymore)… Something went wrong here…


    In reply to: License problems…

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    11A Fotografie

    @George: Not sure… I think it did with a few license (not all showed up), but none of them were print-licenses as far as I can tell… I just can’t get those licenses back… I’ve tried to reinstall the plugin a few times, but I don’t get those licenses back (I’m talking about the licenses that show up as the variations of the photos – I did rename the license-type-page but that didn’t give a difference).

    I don’t get why it should be my browser when some of the products have the price with them and others have not. Even the WooCommerce back-end shows the prices of some and others not. See this printscreen. So I don’t think it’s a browser problem.
    To be clear: the photos that don’t have a price still have those licenses as variations and you can order them. You just don’t see the price till you watch the cart…

    1) Can you let me know how I can make that hook?

    2) I’m using the latest WooCommerce version: 2.5.3


    In reply to: License problems…

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    George Sheldon

    Hi 11A,

    A couple random thoughts:

    Was everything working at one point before you started your customization? If so, then you know where to look.

    I would suggest that you rename the license page you have now, then do a reinstall of the plugin. I’ve never done this, but it makes sense to me that it does not overwrite the file already there.  If you rename the license file you have now, you can still access it.

    When you say you can’t see the prices, could it be your browser?  I had an issue quite similiar in that I couldn’t see my logo.  It was my browser (Chrome).


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    11A Fotografie

    Yesterday I started using Symbiostock and ever since the Licensing part doesn’t work well… I made the mistake to delete all licenses at the beginning and I can’t get them back (tried deinstalling the plugin several times). So maybe my answer is in those licenses, but I don’t know.

    I’ve made 2 licenses that work fine and are for digital products/downloads. But when I want to add a license for print, it gets messed up…

    These are my problems:
    1. The print-license has a tag requirement (I used Any and than the keyword, not sure if I had to use Any of All there – I didn’t see any difference). When I add a photo and don’t add a tag, it still shows up onder the information tab, but you can’t choose it as varation (see this example).

    2. When I add the right tag, the print-license does get added, but the price of my product doesn’t change with it… So the top price of my product stays with the digital-license, but when you choose the print-license it says a lower price (see this example)

    These are the details of that print-license.

    I really hope this is enough information and you can help me out.


    PS I renamed the license part to Product, because I think that works better and I had to translate it since I’m dutch…

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    Hi Tom – take a look at the documentation here:

    The three licenses you mentioned come as a default. You can edit these to whatever you’d like – rename them, change the pricing, all that. You can also create as many new ones as you want.

    However, once you add, create, or change any of the licenses, they don’t apply to products automatically. You need to either re-save the products you want updated, or click on the ‘update licenses’ or ‘update prices’ checkbox on the license edit screen.

    If you want a license to apply to images, you need to ensure that under the filtering section of the license edit screen you pick ‘raster’. If you want it to apply to vectors, check the associated box as well. This is basically how the licensing system works.

    You should generally not edit the licensing manually by editing product variations.

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    Hi, I am just set up a site using Symbiostock (free), and when I made a test, it was succeed purchasing, but when I download the file (by the link in the email after purchased), the downloaded JPG are corrupted and could not open whatsoever.

    I have tested different licenses, and found that if I download the ORIGINAL size, the file extension is .jpg.html, but it is OK to open once I rename to .jpg. other size except ORIGINAL are all corrupted!

    Please help!

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