Own your own photography business.

Symbiostock Pro is a FREE plugin for selling your
digital photographs, vector illustrations & videos

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All the tools you need to run your digital marketplace.

  • Custom Watermarks
  • Automatic Thumbnails
  • FTP & Web Uploads
  • Custom Licenses
  • Secure Customer Downloads
  • Vectors Supported
  • Import & Edit Metadata
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
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Earn residual income. Monetize your images!

Ever thought about monetizing all those great travel photos? Just can’t get enough of taking shots of delicious foods? Instead of just storing all these images on your phone or computer, you can showcase them and actually sell them to magazines and bloggers using Symbiostock!

Create your digital shop with ease.

Symbiostock is a free, full featured WordPress plugin to sell your digital media. Our software is the preferred choice for independent photographers and vector artists who want to retain maximum control over their digital art, whilst earning from a high profit margin. Symbiostock makes the setup process seamless and easy for any avid photographer.

  • Install Symbiostock, it’s FREE!

    No fees or monthly subscriptions.

  • Set prices, licences & watermark.

    Customize options to fit your needs.

  • Upload your photos / vectors.

    Use FTP or web uploads.

  • Add titles to your images.

    Full metadata support.

  • Images appear in your shop.

    Manually / auto publish your images.

  • Customers pay to use your images!

    Earn income through licensing your images.

Free updates

Not only is Symbiostock Pro completely free to use, we provide free lifetime updates.

Support & help guides

Free community based support, help guides and extensive in-software tool tips and documentation.

Customize your store

Compatible with any WordPress theme. Choose from hundreds of free and premium themes to customize your store.

Professional software packed with features for photographers, vector artists and videographers*


Custom automated watermarking


Set your own prices and unique licenses


User friendly optimized WordPress backend


Add, edit and save metadata. Do all your meta editing work from one central place.


Metadata shows up in product descriptions through your chosen theme.

Symbiostock Pro supports JPEG, PNG, vector files and with our video plugin you can also upload video files. Video files are also automatically watermarked to ensure all your media previews are protected.

Symbiostock Pro is the software of choice for digital media artists – professionals and hobbyists alike –  who want the freedom to sell and license their artwork independently with complete control and ease.

Need more?
The features we offer are specialized for your needs:

  • FTP & Web Uploads.

    Upload all your images via FTP or a browser.

  • Imagick & GD Support.

    Use either Imagick or the built in PHP GD library for image processing.

  • Automatic thumbnails.

    All your images are protected via your custom watermark and thumbnails are automatically created.

  • Fully supports Vectors.

    With Imagick, you can sell vectors as both vectors and raster images.

  • Custom Delivery format

    Choose JPEG, PNG, GIF or others for customer downloads. Symbiostock converts everything automatically.

  • Robust Licensing

    Create your own licenses, edit pricing and licensing individually or globally using powerful filters.

  • Secure Downloads

    All image downloads are protected, files hidden from public view. Decide how many times, and for how much time, images can be downloaded once purchased.

  • Bulk Editing

    Change titles, descriptions, tags in bulk.

  • Full Metadata Support

    Symbiostock reads metadata when importing media and can write all your changes back to media. Converts your WordPress install into a full metadata editor.

  • Compatible with any WordPress Theme

    As Symbiostock is built on WordPress, you can use ANY WordPress theme and it will work beautifully with Symbiostock.

  • EU VAT Supported

    With optional third party plugins, works to charge correctly, collect evidence, and even allow business customers to be exempted under the new EU VAT regulations.

  • Premium Add-Ons

    Optional plugins provide videos uploading capabilities, stock agency distribution and more.

With our optional Services and Premium Plugins you can setup your
storefront and add functions based on your needs:

Have your store up and running in under 5 minutes with Symbiostock.

Symbiostock Pro is a completely Free WordPress plugin that allows you to sell your media independent of any agency or other company. You can customize your site, how it looks, run a blog, set your licensing rules and prices, and create an entire online presence on your terms while generating revenue through photos, illustrations, videos and more.

Symzio: The first contributor focused stock agency.

In addition to selling all your stuff on your own WordPress site, you can also become a Symzio contributor and all of your Symbiostock media will automatically be included and displayed for sale on Symzio.com. Symzio connects all member Symbiostock sites together to provide customers one simple front end where they can search all the hundreds of Symbiostock sites at once, and make purchases in real-time.

A storefront theme optimized for digital media products.

Symbiostock Express is the first official premium theme developed specifically for Symbiostock. It is based on the Virtue theme by Kadence and offers a variety of large customizations.

Visually sleek, clean and organized, Symbiostock Express allows you to make your site look the way you want with a plethora of tools. From massive, beautiful responsive sliders to gorgeous product lists and license displays, it converts your product store into a media marketplace

Add video functionality to your Symbiostock store to start selling footage.

Adds video upload, watermarking, and sales capabilities to Symbiostock Pro. Once installed, you can upload a myriad of different video types that will all get processed and added to your Symbiostock store exactly as images do. Supports most media types.

Distribute your media to third party agencies directly through your Symbiostock install.

Symbiostock Submitter allows you to automatically (or manually) submit images, vectors and videos to third party agencies. This mechanism works in the background of the Symbiostock processor and supports any agency that provides FTP upload capabilities to its contributors.

Showcase multiple photos and media products on interactive, clickable world maps.

Symbiostock Maps is an optional, powerful plugin for Symbiostock Pro. It uses the Google Maps API to display your media in a clickable, interactive Google map. Symbiostock Maps is perfect for artists who capture travel locations, architectural marvels and natural wonders, whether it be via photography, video or illustrations.

Add licensing information to your Symbiostock store media when it appears in Google Images search results, increasing sales.

Symbiostock Google Licenses is an optional plugin that enhances your search engine visibility within Google Images. It uses Google’s proprietary system to tag your media in such a way so that if a visitor sees one of your products in Google Images, it will now contain licensing information that will link directly to you Symbiostock store.

Sell RAW/ZIP/PDF files and other non-standard files alongside regular Symbiostock media products.

Symbiostock Anytype is an optional plugin for Symbiostock Pro that permits you to upload a file that you can associate to any product within Symbiostock to be served to customers upon purchase instead of the original uploaded media file. The file is sold through the same individual product page as the corresponding Symbioctock media product. The associated file can be any type of file, for example: RAW, ZIP, PDF and DOC files.

Transform your site into a multi-vendor marketplace.

Symbiostock Vendors allows groups of artists who wish to work together as one entity, to establish a single core Symbiostock site whilst at the same time provisioning each artist with the tools needed to control their individual media products, without affecting the media of other users. This large scale, commercial grade plugin designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs and provides a unique opportunity for diversifying revenue prospects.

All Symbiostock software includes free lifetime updates.

What Symbiostock users say

Perfect Plugin for Professional Photographers!
Not only does this plugin work amazing out of the box but the support you can get is fantastic. It’s not very often you come along a plugin that really does what it describes but this one absolutely does that.


After few years in the stock market, I decided to open my own agency, and though I’m still developing the whole website, Symbiostock is the solution the perfectly fit my needs. Completely customizable, I’ll save a lot of time thanks to his perfectly integrated metadata reader. Just set up the picture in adobe bridge then upload. All Done.


So happy I found Symbiostock. I could not afford to purchase a paid for Photography extension that plugs into Woocommerce. I joined Symbiostock forums after installing and have been welcomed into an amazing community with incredibly helpful community members.


Sets up your photo store quickly and easily. With this plugin, you can have your own photo store up and running quickly – follow the instructions and you will have your online commerce site operating in 10-15 minutes. Great support on the forum, too. You won’t be alone with this plugin.

George Sheldon

The description says it all & there is certainly no tomfoolery going on here. What you see is what you get unlike some other plugins I’ve tried which purport to doing the same thing, claim to do this and that yet fail to deliver! Symbiostock is simple to install and use & runs alongside the Woocommerce plugin with exceedingly good results.


Join the community!

Via the Symbiostock Forums you can meet other Symbiostockers, ask questions and provide assistance to others. Showcase your site and network with others. Even the Symbiostock developers often interact on the official forums. Once you join Symbiostock, you’re part of the Symbiostock family!

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