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    @crackerclips wrote:

    Would it be possible to have a simple check box on the image detail page when uploading that if checked would move the content section up above the still preview on a case by case basis? Simple for me to write here but maybe much harder to actually implement. I’d also like to see something on the thumbnails when searching that indicates a thumb represents a video. Something like the “exclusive” tag we have now.

    cascoly – Cool…nice to see some more video on board! Many times I do have identical shots taken with a proper stills camera but other times not. Also, video’s just a different beast and in general I compose a video shot differently than I would a still so I end up with a different product.

    I removed the price from the unavailable large size. In the preview the large size is still showing but now without a price so I think it will require a programming fix to correct.

    For the stills, I normally use a frame out of the video. After effects allows you to save a particular frame as a PSD. I ten convert this to JPG. No need to set up a second camera.

    Thanks for the info on the yoast plugin, i had no idea that was available.


    I’m not really a landscape photographer but here is my go.


    Thankyou the information is much clearer now. I did use corel draw before. Is the language level 2 ok on the postscript?


    Thanks for the info, could someone answer this if I have the settings set up correctly


    ok another member has just sorted me out with an image


    @steveh wrote:

    Can I come back on this CPU Throttling. I am still getting this each morning from about 6am Eastern Time for 4 hours or so. Almost a full hour of throttling each hour. As a result, my page load performance is terrible – now up to about 10 seconds after I have been working on adding new images.

    Am I the only one on Bluehost with CPU throttling, in which case I can look for the reason my site is different. At the moment I have the daily update of image files turned off.

    I’m seriously looking at moving to a VPS hosting package as I am finding it really hard to add new images the way it is performing.


    I had the same problem, initially i moved to the pro shared hosting and that reduced the throttling. Then I moved to VPS. Do be warned though VPS needs to have imagemajick installed on server


    Have u emailed them to see if Leo has fixed it?


    @Semmick Photo wrote:

    I have emailed my AM at BH to ask him what we can do about my slow site. I am thinking of upgrading to something faster. Not sure what it will cost me. But the search and clicking on a keyword is just waaaaay too slow. I need something faster. Also editing images and editing the site is way too slow for my liking. I will report back with what he has to say. If he replies, because I am sure he doesnt give a hoot about simpleton customers like me. Its all about the $$$

    The premium hosting is a good option, i upgraded onto vps and its much better. However, you need to sort out backups and instal imagmajick


    @marthamarks wrote:

    @leo wrote:

    For instance there are quite a few emails I get requesting personal help – nothing that shows on the forums.

    I will vouch for that!

    Leo is remarkably responsive to people (like me) who have worked hard to bulid their sites but need a bit of extra help on occasion. And from what I’ve seen, he does it without expectation of additional compensation.

    That said, I do believe that those of us who have received extra help from Leo ought to make an extra contribution to support the effort. I paid for Clean Theme 2 and the Premium SYS and the SYS sitemap and still felt motivated to donate an additional amount as a modest way of thanking Leo for everything he’s done for me and others.

    What I’ve gotten out of this is worth every dollar I’ve paid. Thank you, Leo.

    We have all gained more out of this, than what we have paid. If we paid for a web designer to do what has been done, it would have been a lot of money. I also donated to symbiostock development and also bought all of Leo’s plugins.


    @cathyslife stockphotos wrote:

    If you are on bluehost, i just noticed tonight that they have finally restored the free backup options. I am doing one now.

    After what happened to Christine I have little faith in backups provided by hosts


    I wrote a tutorial on it, if that helps


    @lespalenik wrote:

    OK, Mark
    here it is – a link to a story about your purchases


    I also wrote and article in return and backlinked to both your symbiostock site and to your article.


    I think clients take priority over contributors


    I think it needs to be buyer orientated. After all thats what all of us need


    @cascoly wrote:

    my point wasn’t that you’re competing with your images on pond, but that you’ll be sending people to pond itself where they may find other videos. of course they might find pond themselves, but why make it easy? same argument applies to linking from your site to alamy or any other agency.

    at least within the sym network, there’s mutual display and referrals

    I can use the embed code from pond to display video on my site, but there is no link to it.

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