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    @markscatesphotography wrote:

    I’m raising my prices on pond 5, and doing cheaper prices on symbiostock. then get 100%

    $15 to $20 is leaving money on the table, cheapest price at Shutterstock for an HD file is $79

    Thank you for pointing that out. I will adjust my pricing


    I’m raising my prices on pond 5, and doing cheaper prices on symbiostock. then get 100%

    #4902 wrote:

    Mark, I am very sorry that you had a difficult experience. Let me make some notes to your comments since I think it is not just to make those comments generalized for every VPS:

    1. There are managed and unmanaged VPS servers. The managed one are usually a bit more expensive but the hosting company will give you support and resolves issues with the system for you (but not for the script you install of course).

    2. I do not know what Bluehost offers but there are tremendous differnecies between hosting companies. Personally I do not like them very much and their VPS offer seemed to be rather expensive.

    3. The SSH is oftenly scaring people but in the end it is a quite easy thing to handle if you have a talent for technology. Most times you can just google what you need alongside with your Host OS and you will find solutions fast. Same goes for error messages which may appear. Just google them with your OS.
    Nevertheless I realize that you have to have a certain Talent for Computers and their Logic. Want to say: it is not for everyone to dig in SSH, but you can always go for a managed with a good hosting company.

    I hope this helps…

    I have got a web design company to switch the program from gd library to imagemagick for me. That solved that problem. The only other problem I have at the moment is a error log file that builds at an exponential rate 2GB per 12 hours. However, I’m working on that.

    Other than that, actually I’m pleased with my VPS. It certainly is a lot better than shared hosting. Also I can host multiple sites off of it. This is very useful

    Thanks for the info by the way about the managed and unmanaged I never knew that.

    Overall if I’m honest would I prefer VPS or shared. Now everything is getting sorted I’d rather have VPS

    I was able to process a 400MB video without killing it this morning! I don’t know if that would be achieveable on a shared server.


    @leo wrote:

    My anonymous Symbiostock buddy got about 6 sales in the last few days! I guess its becoming pretty regular for him now.

    I bought 3 images off of one person !

    I probably need another 6 more images in total to do my key stage 3 science site.


    Thanks, I didn’t even see those options!


    I think thats linked to upload directory. Use ftp for now.


    @lespalenik wrote:

    will do the same

    Thanks, give the address and I will post a blog about your site in return from my science tuition site.


    I’m on what you might say is a learning curve


    Solids, Liquids and gases (ice, water and steam together)
    distillation or chromatography
    Acids and Alkalis
    Electrical circuits
    Forces maybe a boy pushing a big car or something to show forces
    Something to show heart, lungs and blood circulated around the body.


    I need some more images, problem is none are really on symbiostock.

    I will update my thread in the looking for images


    @cascoly wrote:

    @christine wrote:

    What would happen if you took one frame from the video and made it availabe as a blog size only, would havinganother, nonzipped file help?

    i’d thought about that, but hadn’t had time to test — i’m afraid that then buying the ‘blog’ size wouldn’t deliver the real file the zip — Leo???

    if we can get this nit fixed, then we have a workaround for people to be able to sell video clips directly

    This would be really useful Leo if you could fix this please.


    I moved to VPS to stop the throttling. However, as a warning to anyone else thinking to do the same if you have Imajick installed it will default back to GD library. Now I am trying to work out how to get Imajick installed again!


    Thanks, I managed to source two images, one from Advantica and the other from Ray stock. Thanks to both of them. I’m really after school setting with children in.

    If anyone has any of children in clasrooms or of children being taught by adults, I’m interested


    Hi, thanks, but I’m really after pupils enjoying a practical science lesson or something like that.


    Watch the bad backlinks you might gain over time from sites other than symbiostock. This caused me a drop in traffic

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