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    All completed, took ages though!


    @lusoimages wrote:

    And how much does the hosting costs on Bluehost?

    Are there different levels of hosting that will be better than others for Symbiostock or the cheapest one will be good enough?

    I already have domains so that part is covered.

    I’m on shared hosting with bluehost. I think you have to take out a 1 year subscription. I took out 3 years as it was cheaper. I used bluehost as Leo said that it works out of the box and to be honest I am clueless with computers.


    This place is really helpful

    The forum here is a great place to ask q’s
    Cost is just hosting and domain costs. Leo did some plugins that you can purchase, but they are not essentials. More luxuries.


    The client receives an email automatically when they purchase an image. They can use this for their invoicing. They would also get the pay pal receipt.

    Licence agreements, I have added to my site and also made a downloadable pdf.


    I offer isolated people images in different occupations

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)