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    I am also seeing this trend, but why?




    I went up to the 2.8 and then back to 2.6.5 after this i lost my widgets. Now i dont know how to fix it. Sorry for keep going on about broken widgets.


    Hi Leo
    thanks for this.
    Will this version fix the widget problem that a few people are having?


    I have tried everything and cant get it to work. Also it seems others are having the same problem


    @christine wrote:

    I would prefer not to offer thumbnails for free, I did not want to watermark them either but maybe this would prompt me to wish the option to be added.

    When I want to make an offer I would prefer to do it though my own site or targeted marketing, not offered to anyone and everyone without any controls. I have found too many people just collect and use “free” stuff regardless of any conditions that might be attached.

    Thanks for the offer though

    I agree with you Christine


    Are u adding new images? If google keeps seeing same stuff it might think site is dead


    @christine wrote:

    I do not like to be negative after all your work but after trying out 2.6.8 on my testing site I find I very much prefer the header and layout I have now as it has taken me a long time working out how to get it how I like it – and nothing flashes at me :), will you be able to offer a third option please ?

    Top Anchored | Below Header | No Change

    The change I really like in 2.6.8 is the log in box with login and registration side by side so they can easily be seen.


    Settings Area

    1.No obviously visible option to change “download” text

    2. Email and Payment Process Communication – the paypal section looks as if the layout has got a bit squished with a line running though the ipn box address

    Network Area
    If no network activated – shows as V 2.5.0 and mentions the splitting of compound keywords

    Edit: Test site is at

    I have to say I prefer the old style layout that was in 2.5.5
    However, Leo I am very grateful for what you have done and are still doing to support all of us.


    Thanks for the info.

    My issue is that my symbiostock has a better Alexa rank that the picturengine!

    That is a credit to your hard work Leo!



    Thanks, yes I do have the related posts by taxonomy activated. I do have images selected for featured images. I have tried moving the widgets to other positions on home page and no change. I have even tried changing the theme from clean theme, to child to normal and no difference

    also I have tried reinstalling wordpress.

    Any other ideas?


    I have tried changing the home plage template, disabling all plugin, taking widgets off and putting them back on and it makes no difference.

    Anyone help at all please?


    @dp69_2001 wrote:

    I’ve moved them around, taken them off, put them back on, I can’t for the life of me figure out why widgets aren’t showing up 🙁 if you care to peek.

    I got the same problem


    @Semmick Photo wrote:

    @ Mark, thats good to hear. Well done. I wasnt sure if 100% was possible. Or do you mean you are done with SEO?

    Im all done. All images have had SEO


    Would VPS make a big difference?


    I would be happy to donate towards the trademark. However, Leo would have to action it

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 65 total)