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    You’ve all been so helpful, thought I should run these questions past y’all before I dive in…

    My WP wants to update to 3.6.1. Is it safe to just tell it to do so? If I should back up my Symbiostock site first, how do I do that? I don’t see anything that says “backup”. And this may be related…I’m running WP only on the server, not using the desktop version at all. Should I be, and if so, is it pretty easy to get it to sync to the WP installation on the server that is already set up?

    Kind of a shotgun approach there, but all of those topics seem to be linked, at least in the catacombs that I call my mind.

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    @scenicoregon wrote:

    …My WP wants to update to 3.6.1. Is it safe to just tell it to do so?…

    I upgraded WP to 3.6.1 a while back and things have been running just fine since – I think all the installation instructions say to back up before every upgrade but for something minor, like 3.6 to 3.6.1 I think it’s unlikely you’ll run into problems.

    There were a number of threads about backup options and I don’t think there’s a perfect (good and cheap) solution. We’ve all done some sort of compromise setup unless we wanted to spend money for a monthly subscription.

    See these discussions:


    I wrote a tutorial on it, if that helps


    @cathyslife stockphotos wrote:

    If you are on bluehost, i just noticed tonight that they have finally restored the free backup options. I am doing one now.

    After what happened to Christine I have little faith in backups provided by hosts

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    These backup files will be huge, many gigabytes even 10-100-? on the future. It’s very slow method to upload files to own computer.. hmm.. I think my download takes now over 12 hours with 300kB/s. Little bit later even 24 hour is not an enough. Solution must be something else than uploading to home computer. I just test Bluehost backup..

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    I use Justhost (part of Bluehost) backup and downloaded it to my computer. Unfortunately they had a problem at the beginning of August and it seems they had not backed up my image file (at that point over 1100 images) and by the time they had sorted out their problem it appears they had one major missing file of mine with no back up that they could not replace. It was at this point all the threads about backing up started appearing 🙂 - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    I have now about 1200 images and it’s about 12Gb.. backup with Bluehost backup take about 12 hour. Bluehost bandwidth is only 3 M and it’s take time. Anyway on home it’s not more than 8 M. But best solution would upload backup zip files direct to another server, not at all to home.. but I don’t know it that possible at all..

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    I have a complete website and database backup running as I write this (1500 images included). The creation takes about 30 min. All you need to do afterwards is download the backup archive to a destination of your choice.

    I download it to my unlimited cloud service. Download takes less than one hour and won’t affect your personal traffic/bandwidth.

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    Now we talking about, tnx 🙂

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