This guide will quickly explain how to create a new license and apply it to your media for sale to customers.

Adding a new license

  1. Navigate to Symbiostock > Licenses
  2. Create a new license with your preferred name and leave the rest of the fields blank
  3. Your license will show up in the list on the right of the page. Edit it.
  4. Under ‘Default price’ put your desired price for this license.
  5. Scroll down to ‘Main Auto-apply Filters’ – these are the main filtering options that let you decide what media types this new license will apply to. Choose yes for raster images and leave the remaining options disabled.
  6. Save your new license

Now that your license is created and is set to apply to raster images, you can upload a new image and once it is processed by your processor, the license will auto apply to it. If you already have images in your store and want this license to apply to them, follow the following steps.

Applying license changes to products

  1. Edit the license
  2. Click on ‘Update licenses’.
  3. Save your license

Note that this will not apply the filtering changes to your current products immediately. The processor (which should be running on a minute by minute basis) will automatically, over time, re-filter this license through all your products. If, however, you want to apply it quickly to one or more specific products, just go to your Symbiostock > Media list and either quick save, bulk edit, or edit and save that product, which will force re-filtering of all licensing for that specific product.

Infinitely scalable licensing

The reason license editing has been developed in this manner is so that if you have thousands and thousands of images, your server will not crash or overload trying to do all the license filtering on all these thousands of images at once.

Advanced filtering and options

Once you have created your first license, you can use the more advanced filtering methods to personalize how your licenses are applied, output resolutions, types, and more.