To add a new license log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Symbiostock > Licenses.
There are two columns in this section:
– The left side column is the ‘Add New License‘ form which you use to create new licenses.
– The right side column has a table listing all your existing licenses.

To add a new license, navigate to the ‘Add New License’ section as described above. This guide takes you through each ‘Add New License’ form element in order to create a new license.

Here you specify the name of your new license. The license name will appear in your store front so is it best to choose simple and straight forward wording the license name. This field is case sensitive, therefore how you format the license name is what will be visible in you store (eg: if you type ‘SMALL License’, that is exactly how it will appear) unless you have css/coded style elements that override default formatting.

The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens. Different licenses cannot share the same slug – if you enter a slug that is being used by an existing license, the system will append the new slug. If you do not enter a slug, the system will try to auto-generate a slug based on the name of the license.

Here you enter a description for your new license. This is primarily useful for keeping track of your license types in your administrative panel, especially if you have unique and varying terms of use for different licenses. Some WordPress themes may display the description on the product page.