To edit an existing license log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Symbiostock > Licenses. All your current licenses will be listed in the table. Find the license you wish to edit and place your cursor over the license’s name. A few action links will appear under the license’s name. Click ‘Edit’. You will then be taken to an ‘Edit License‘ screen where you can alter any, or all, of the license settings. Once you have finished editing the license click ‘Update’ to save the changes.

The ‘Edit License’ form contains the same elements as the ‘Add New License’ form, with many additional settings.

Please note that the Symbiostock Pro licensing settings are now documented in-line. This means that for all information relating to customizing your licenses, use the information provided within your actual Symbiostock license edit page to learn about their use.

For all other queries, please post your question on our forums or search the documentation here.

Some key notes:

  • Use the Supplementary Auto-apply Filters to add powerful custom filtering to your media licensing system. Most specifically, the required and excluded keywords filter, which allows you to specify licenses by adding or removing keywords to your images.
  • Changes to your licenses will not apply to products upon saving changes to the licenses themselves. You must either re-save the products in question so they are re-filtered, or click the ‘update license’ checkbox and save that license. Then your processor will systematically re-filter all your products for that license.
  • Changes to your license pricing only gets updated if you click the ‘update prices’ checkbox when saving, and this also will be processed by the processor. This is to allow you to maintain custom pricing for certain products that may share the same license as others.
  • Re-order the way licenses appear on the front end to customers by dragging the licenses up and down in the full license list.