The core functionality of Symbiostock Pro is built into the processor. This is a process that is run once every minute in order to process images, clean up data, organize downloads, and do a whole lot of other stuff. Symbiostock will not operate correctly if this processor is not run periodically, and should ideally be run once every minute.

You can manually run the scheduler by going to Symbiostock > Settings > System and clicking on ‘Run Now’. A window will pop up and this initiates the scheduler. If you prefer manually doing it, you can do that – but it is highly recommended that you tell your system to run this automatically as it just makes things a whole lot easier. On Linux, these jobs are called ‘cron jobs’.

Different systems will implement this differently, but here are some links to some popular control panels:



Please note that the script to run is in Symbiostock > Settings > System – copy that entire line into your scheduled task. Also, as control panel versions change, some aspects of setting up the scheduled task may differ from the links above, so search for the best solution for your specific control panel for optimal results.

Once the processor is scheduled, you don’t ever have to look at it again. It will keep checking and adding new images, regenerating thumbnails, and doing all the organization in the background.

If you have any issues with your processor, please post your query in the forums.