First, take a look at the Symbiostock demo website.

You will notice that there are featured images, beautiful sliders, categories, and when you go to any of the image product pages, you can choose a resolution to purchase for immediate download.

In a nutshell, Symbiostock allows anyone, whether it be an amateur photographer or professional illustrator, to effortlessly upload their new images to their website, and have them be put on sale through a secured download system for customers, automatically.

But that’s not all. The Symbiostock project is growing by leaps and bounds and has now become your one-stop repository for all your media, with optional addons that allow you to integrate videos, as well as distribute your stuff to third party agencies.

Don’t have a website? Don’t know anything about WordPress? Don’t worry.

Our goal is ease and automation. Once you’re setup, all you have to do is upload your images to Symbiostock, and it will do the rest.

Here is an example of a Symbiostock artist that really show how great a Symbiostock powered site can look: Gorgeous vector art

Interested in getting started? If you don’t already have your own webhost, we strongly recommend checking out our hosting guide which is specialized to make the setup process as easy as possible. Just sign up, follow the installation guide, and your site will be up in less than 30 minutes.