Once you install the free Symbiostock Pro, you will be prompted to install both Lite and WooCommerce. Click the install links as indicated and both plugins will be installed.

  • When you initially log into your WordPress, WooCommerce and Symbiostock install, WooCommerce may trigger a wizard. You may go through this to setup your store, but don’t create a new product. Do install their pages, however.
  • Scroll over the ‘Symbiostock’ tab and click on ‘Upload¬†Media’. Upload an image via the web form.
  • Standalone users: Once uploaded, click on ‘Settings’ under the same ‘Symbiostock’ tab. Click on the ‘System’ sub-tab. You will see the Maintenance Command/Processor. You will see a link that says ‘Run Now’. Click on this. It may take a minute for your image to get processed as Symbiostock waits a certain amount of time prior to processing all new images to ensure they are finished uploading. Refresh that page a few times until you see that your new image has been parsed.
  • Soon, the image you uploaded will show up under the ‘Symbiostock’ or ‘Media’ tabs. If it is still in draft mode, edit it and click on ‘Publish’. After that, you can click on ‘View’ or click on ‘View’ from the previous list page.
  • You will see your live, new image available for sale in your store. Customers can actually buy and checkout that image now. It’s that easy.

Everything else is personalization. Personalize your licenses, your store, your policies, your pricing etc. Also, don’t forget to add your processor to your control panel’s cron system to avoid having to run the processor manually.

When it comes to choosing a theme, we recommend using Symbiostock Express. It is highly customizable and we provide full documentation on how to maximize your use of it to make your site look the way you want it to.