Once you have your hosting account, go to the Symbiostock shop. There, you can download Symbiostock Pro individually, or purchase the Premium Bundle which provides you the full Symbiostock platform at a significantly discounted cost.

If you are on your own webhost, you will have to make sure you have WordPress installed, along with Imagick (or the GD library for PHP), along with PHP 7+, MySQL, access to the exec() functions through PHP, and sufficient memory and CPU allocation to process full resolution images, vectors and videos. You can confirm all these things with your webhost.

Once WordPress is installed, add Symbiostock Pro via your Plugins tab, and activate it. Once activated, you will be prompted to install any other dependencies. Go along with those procedures.

If you don’t see any error messages, your installation is now complete.

The next step is to make sure the system is running the Symbiostock processor so that your media gets added and other functions are run. To do this, follow our guide regarding the processor.

If you see any error messages, continue reading.

Symbiostock Pro requires WooCommerce and also requires one of two PHP image libraries called ‘Imagick’ or ‘GD’. GD is generally bundled with PHP now so you should almost always have this installed. Imagick is optional, but provides faster, better processing, and also permits vector uploads.

Imagick may or may not be activated on your server. If you are familiar with Linux and know how to use SSH, you should research how to install Imagick on your server. If you are not familiar with SSH, or use a web-host to manage your server, contact them and request that they install it. If for some reason you are not able to activate Imagick on your server, Symbiostock will just use the GD library. In this case, we recommend you consider using our hosting guide which provides a system optimized for Symbiostock for you to work with if you want a problem free hosting solution. Also note that GD requires about 10 times the amount of memory to process images that Imagick does.