If you’ve just installed Symbiostock Lite, you will be prompted to install WooCommerce if not already installed and activated. Follow the setup guide as prompted by WooCommerce but do not create a new product.

Once everything is running, in order to add digital media to your WooCommerce store, simply scroll over the ‘Products’ tab and you will see an ‘Upload Media’ tab. Just click on that, and proceed to upload an image.

Once uploaded, the system will immediately watermark and add the image to your WooCommerce store. That’s it!

You can now go to the product via the ‘Products’ tab and edit the price, title, description, and publish it. Now, if someone goes to buy that item, it will be served to them as a digital product directly through WooCommerce.

Lite is meant to be a very simple, lightweight extension for WooCommerce. For additional features, such as custom watermarks, metadata reading and writing, licensing, resizing, FTP uploads and more, upgrade to Symbiostock Pro for free.

Symbiostock Lite media limitations:

1) As all images are processed in real time, if you try to upload a very large file, depending on your server settings, it may not finish processing. If this happens, you will need to use Symbiostock Pro.

2) Sometimes uploading very large images through WordPress does not work. In this case, you would need to upgrade to Symbiostock Pro in order to use the FTP upload functionality.