The Symbiostock license system has been optimized for the needs of visual artists (photographers, illustrators, vector artists) and mirrors the output of professional stock agencies. The license system is made to be efficient and provide ease of use for microstock artists who require mass application features for handling large quantities of files.

In addition, licenses can be personalized for a variety of other uses, including print sales, physical products, and other mechanisms that do not directly involve digital sales. Many of our users even use it simply as a way of distributing promotional images for free and keeping track of who is downloading what.

Below is a summary of the key licensing features Symbiostock provides:

  • Create as many global licenses as you need.
  • Each license can be fully customized, from image size to title, description, and default price.
  • Global licenses can be applied to any media in your store.
  • Apply licenses to all the media in your store automatically in bulk or during saves.
  • Apply licenses based on media type (raster, vector etc.)
  • Apply licenses based on media size
  • Apply licenses based on tags (include certain keywords, exclude others)
  • Apply licenses based on editorial, exclusive.
  • Apply license changes (price, size etc.) to all products automatically.
  • Create JPEG licenses for vector images and set the size of the rendered file.

The automatic license application filters can be mixed and matched to provide both simple and highly personalized licensing structures to fit any need.

Your licenses will all link to your central ‘Licenses’ page. This is created by Symbiostock and must remain a ‘Page’ in your WordPress install. You can edit this page from within your control panel to describe the legalese of your licenses.

Details on how to use licensing features can be found in this section.