The way all WordPress sites look is governed by things called ‘Themes’. These are files that are installed in your WordPress install that determine how your website should look. You can only use one theme at a time, but you can switch between themes, dramatically changing the way your site looks any time, and very easily.

Symbiostock works with any WordPress theme. However, as most base WordPress themes are focused around the blogging interface, these themes may require some extensive customization to look their best. We strongly recommend you use Symbiostock Express which is a theme developed specifically for use with Symbiostock, and is used by a majority of Symbiostock users.

However, be aware that no theme is likely to work as you want it to simply by enabling it. Customizing your theme to look the way you want, presenting your stuff in a manner consistent with your vision is both an exciting and enjoyable part of launching your own Symbiostock store.