Installing Symbiostock Express:

1) Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Pages > Add New. Create a new page titled Home and click Publish.

2) Go to Settings > Reading. Under ‘Front page displays’ select ‘A static page’. For your Front Page select ‘Home’ and for your Posts page do not select anything. Click Save Changes.

3) Go to Appearance > Themes

4) Click Add New.

5) Click Upload Theme.

6) Click Choose File and select the Symbiostock Express zip file from your local drive. Click Install Now. Once installed activate the theme.

7) Now go to Appearance > Theme Recommended Plugins. Install Slider Revolution

8) Go to Plugins. Find Slider Revolution from in your list of plugins. Click Activate for Slider Revolution.

Symbiostock Express theme is now active.

Replicating Symbiostock Express Demo 1 Homepage

1) Download this file:


This file contains theme option settings for importing the settings used on the Symbiostock Express Demo 1 site.

2) Unzip and open the downloaded text file using a text editor. Select and copy the entire text within the document.

3) Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Symbiostock Express > Import/Export.

4) Under Import Options click Import from File. A text field box will appear. Paste the copied text into the text field box. Click Import.

5) Go to your website’s homepage to view the changes. You should now see that a number of theme elements have been imported. There should be a red error box where the Slider Revolution should be – which we will add soon. When you scroll down your homepage, you should the following sections:
– Four icon with text boxes that change color when you hover you mouse over.
– A Featured Images title
– A Browse Categories title with an image carousel

Customizing Elements For Your Website:

Through your WordPress dashboard go to Symbiostock Express > Main Settings. Under Logo Options > Logo click remove to delete the demo logo. Now upload your unique brand’s logo image. Click Save

If you do not want to use a a logo image, you can leave the logo section blank and the theme will use your site’s name. To edit your site’s name, go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General and edit Site Title. Click Save Changes.

Go to Symbiostock Express > Home Layout.  Scroll down to the section called Home Icon Menu.  Click the box titled Made For Artists. Edit the elements that you wish to edit. Repeat process for the rest of the icon boxes. Click save.

You can add/delete icon boxes, you can choose how many columns in each row and you can select custom colors for the box background and font using the settings available. Remember to click save after making changes.

Featured images are chosen through your Symbiostock plugin section. You need to have already added Symbiostock media (products that you’ll be selling) before you can set featured images. Once you have done this, go to Symbiostock > Media. In your list of media products, there is a column with a BLUE STAR icon. To set an image as Featured, simply click on the corresponding star. Go through and star at least 6 images.

Now go to your homepage and refresh it to see how the featured images show up under the Featured Images section.

Go to Symbiostock Express > Home Layout. Scroll down to the section called Home Custom Carousel Settings. Click the slide titled Abstract. Edit the elements that you wish to edit. Repeat process for the rest of the icon boxes. Click save.

You can add/delete slides and edit the carousel settings if you wish. Remember to click save after making changes.

Adding Slider Revolution to Your Home Page

1) Download this zipfile:


This file contains a Slider Revolution template for importing a simplified version of the slider shown on Symbiostock Express demo site. View the simplified demo slider here.

2) Go to WordPress dashboard > Slider Revolution.

3) Click Import Slider. Click Choose File and select the ‘’ zip file from your local drive. Click Import Slider.

4) Go to Symbiostock Express > Home Slider. Under ‘Choose a Home Image Slider’ make sure Revolution Slider is selected.  Under ‘If Revolution Slider’ select Home Page Demo 1 Simple. Click Save Changes.

5) Go to your website’s homepage and refresh. You should now see the demo slider on your homepage.

Customizing Slider Revolution For Your Website:

Before you begin, you will need to prepare two images to customize your slide. Each image needs to be 2000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high.

1) Through your WordPress dashboard go to Slider Revolution. Click the slider titled Homepage Demo 1 Simple.

2) Scroll over Slides. This is where individuals slides can be edited.

3) Click #1 Slide. You will see the first slide image and content.

Look for the Slide Options link in the top right menu. Click on Background, then Media Library under the Source header. Click Upload files and upload the image you want to use for your first slide. Click Insert.

Now you should see your selected image where the demo image was previously displayed.

Click the SYMBIOSTOCK EXPRESS text to select that layer. Under the Editor to the right, a black box will appear containing the text SYMBIOSTOCK EXPRESS. Delete this text and add your own words. You can click on Style to customize details such as the text color, text size and font. Repeat this process for the second text layer that says ‘A store front theme optimized for digital media.’

Click Save Slide to save your changes.

6) Scroll back to the top and click #2 Slide. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for the second slide. Remember to click Save Slide to save all your changes.

Now go to your home page and refresh it to view your new customized slider!

Add Primary Navigation Links:

Add Topbar Navigation Links:

Add Footer Links: