1) Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Symbiostock Express > Footer.

2) Under the Footer Layout section, select how many columns you want in footer area of your website. The Symbiostock Express demo-1 site contains 4 columns.  Click Save Changes

3) Now through your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets.

4) Depending on how many footer columns you chose, you should find a correlating number of ‘Footer Column’ boxes on your widgets page. If you selected 4 columns in the previous step, you will have a box allocated for each of the four columns (shown as Footer Column 1, Footer Column 2, Footer Column 3, Footer Column 4).

5) Add content to your footer columns adding and customizing ‘Widgets’ from your ‘Available Widgets‘ area to the column that you want the widget to show in.

6) To add navigational links to other pages, you must create separate menus (through Appearance > Menu) for each footer column where you want to show text links. You must do this in the same way you created your Topbar and Primary navigation menus, except do not assign a location through the Manage Locations tab.

7) Once you have created your footer column menus, go back into Appearance > Widgets and use the ‘Custom Menu‘ widget to assign the footer menus that you created to which ever footer column you want each menu to show up in.