IMPORTANT: If you purchased Symbiostock Express, Slider Revolution is bundled with the theme. You DO NOT need to purchase a Slider Revolution activation code and you can ignore prompts that call for a Purchaser Code. The Slider Revolution that is bundled with your theme is fully functional.

The makers of Slider Revolution provide a ‘purchaser code’ to direct buyers who purchase the slider directly from them and those customers are given access to premium slide templates. If you want to use premium slides templates, you must purchase a license for it. You do not need to purchase a licence to use the Slider Revolution normally.

Video Tutorial

The Slider Revolution is a fantastic visual tool for websites and comes bundled with the Symbiostock Express theme. The Slider Revolution provides a plethora of ways for you to create custom slides, however with so many setting options available, it can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, the people at NYC Tech Club have created this excellent YouTube video tutorial that takes you through all the basics of how to use the Slider Revolution and much much more. Although the length of the video is almost 2 hours long, you do not need to watch the whole thing! The reason the video is so long is because there are 4 tutorials within the one video.

We recommend that you begin watching the video from the 11.50 minute mark, which is where the first tutorial begins.