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    I create this thread for those interested in building a link exchange page at our own independent websites. I plan to create a page named ‘My Friends’ in the main menu. What I am thinking is not only a link for each site, but also brief introduction so that buyers know exactly which site they are looking for.

    If you are interested, please post your introduction information and website link. I would suggest by now:

    1. Web address and site name. (Logo? Or just screen snapshot…?)

    2. What topic is your website focusing on?

    3. How many photos/vectors/footage in your collection?

    4. Price Range?

    5. …?

    Feel free to add questionnaire and suggestions. Let’s benefit from the interchange page.

    Edit by Robin:

    If you are an independent Symbiostock site owner and wish to participate in the link exchange, proceed to this discussion and post your information as prescribed. You can also use the list to add fellow artists to your page. Use the text as a jumping off point and word it in a personalized manner if possible so the sites don’t all have duplicate content.


    For me

    1.   Songquan Photography

    2. Focusing on cityscape and travel photography of the world’s top cities. Variety of topics including city skyline, landmark architecture, historic attractions as well as natural landscape. Photos are widely used in public medias, advertisement campaigns, posters, book covers, CD covers, postcards, smart phone apps and public displays. Collections are well grouped by locations at the site.

    3. Photos only, 6000+ and keep increasing.

    4. Starting at $3, regular RF full size $20, Extended $80.


    Thanks George. Here is the page I just created.

    Of course people can have their own design. But if every one provide sufficient information, people may use it in their page.


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    For the best SEO, isn’t the actual link best inserted into some text that adds value to the link, rather than just have the URL itself. So in Songquan’s case you would make the link cover “cityscape and travel photography of the world’s top cities”? Having the name of the site is good, but I believe the extra context helps with placement.



    Thank you George. I changed permalinks. It may affect some links I broadcasted before but should be minor. I added Symzio as well.


    Good to know Steve, changed. Thanks.


    Looks good except some minor thing.

    There is a line between ‘Recommended’ and ‘Stock Photographers’.

    Screen shot is incomplete. You can wait a bit longer till site fully loaded.

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    Link exchanges are extremely effective for SEO, so this is a good idea.

    I would like to recommend that you include links to both the independent sites and the Symzio contributor profile so customers have a choice in that regard – reason being, if they go to Symzio, there’s also the possibility that they will purchase someone else’s stuff as well. And as George pointed out, you should put your referral ID in the Symzio link.

    As for Steve’s suggestion with anchor text, that’s far less relevant now. Google tends to weigh the link more with the text around it than the anchor text specifically, so it’s best to just link naturally.


    Thanks Robin, now I know what is exactly about referral link. I thought of something different before.

    Where is exactly the URL of contributor list page? I browse symzio for a while. Just can’t find it…



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    Not a list of contributors – link to George’s contributor profile on Symzio for example:


    Oh, I see. You are talking about single contributor profile. That’s a good idea.

    I was looking for a page of all contributors. There was one somewhere…

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    Good suggestions by Robin. And thanks to George and Songquan for starting this.
    Count me in, please. I think we should have a somewhat organized list of the members (site title), their introduction and their URLs to independent site and Symzio profile.

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    I’ve set up a thread for listing the independent owners information only at .

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    Hey George, I think the “intro/description” doesn’t have to be the same on each site. Actually it probably looks more organic if it isn’t. So I agree with you. The list I started should only be a starting point to give/grab essential information.
    Your list is great and I’ll set up mine later today.

    Location? I don’t think anybody will hire a local photographer for paid assignments out of our stock image sites. However, when your location is adding to the description of your work (like in my case with Mexico), then I’d suggest to include it. I think the more you fit into a niche (be it a particular location, historic images, photography style or whatever), the better your chances to be found.

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