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A new refit to go along with a spectacular new plugin. The new fully Open-Source Symbiostock plugin is almost ready to go. With beta-testing only a week or so away, we’re going to be launching what we hope is an indispensable tool that gives contributors and artists a means of showcasing and selling their wonderful creations online.

Almost there…

Development was a bit rocky with changes and transitions, not to mention an intense couple of weeks of wrestling with both WordPress and WooCommerce! But as with most experiences where you weather the storm, the end result is always more satisfying.

All the colors.

Speaking of beautiful media, we’re going to couple each one of our blog posts with a fantastic, interesting or fun image. Stay informed by frequenting our forums and checking out our blog. We’ll be rolling out some exciting stuff in the next short while. If you have an image you want to throw us, we’d love to showcase it!

It’s all you.

Endless thanks to all the supporters and contributors who have cherished and backed up the project all these years.

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