An Exciting New Look!

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Welcome to our new site!, home of the Symbiostock project, has had a makeover!

Over the past few months the Symbiostock team has been quietly and carefully re-designing in an effort to create a more effective, flowing and user friendly website. One of the main goals with the re-design was to make information about Symbiostock and our software more readily available and easier to understand, especially for new users. Previously we had found that it was hard for newcomers to quickly and easily access details about what Symbiostock provides and what our community is about. We are confident that the new layout presents information about the project in a more user friendly and inviting manner.

We invite you to check out our new site and we hope you love it as much as we do!

50% Symbiostock Hosting Offer

To celebrate the launch of the new, we have a special Symbiostock Hosting offer for new users. Till the end of August, new users who sign up with Symbiostock Hosting can get 50% off their first term of hosting. This is an awesome deal that offers massive savings if you sign up on an annual plan. Our most popular plan, the ‘Super’ package, which provides 50 GB of storage and 500 GB of bandwidth is usually $405.99 on an annual plan, can be purchased for only $202.99! If you sign up annually for our most budget ‘Economy’ plan, normally $143.99, with this offer you can get it for cheap as chips: only $72 for an entire year!

View all Symbiostock Hosting packages here >>

In order to receive the discount, please use the coupon code ‘NEWSYMBIO’.

This offer is only available for people who have not signed up with Symbiostock Hosting before.

Symzio Artist Directory Replaces Symbiostock Artist Network

When it comes to making improvements, it can be like changing seasons and sometimes we need to remove certain things in order to make room for new growth. The Symbiostock Artists Network was introduced when the new Symbiostock was born and whilst the goals and intentions behind it were noble and promising, over the course of time as the Symbiostock project has grown and evolved, the Artist Network hit somewhat of a standstill. And with the introduction of the Symzio Link Exchange Widget late last year, the artist network became quite redundant. As a result, we have retired the original Symbiostock Artist Network and replaced it with a new Symzio Artist Directory.

The Symzio Artist Directory runs dynamically off the Symzio Link Exchange Widget. The directory contains information and links to independent websites and portfolios of artists who proactively contribute towards raising awareness about Symzio and their fellow Symzio artists. In order to have your website and details appear on the Symzio Artist Directory, you need to be a Symzio contributor and you must endorse Symzio by one of two ways (or both!):

  1. By using the Link Exchange Widget on your Symbiostock website
  2. By using the Symzio Widget on your Symbiostock website

Seeing as the Symzio Artist Network page is created using the Symzio Link Exchange Widget, the directory auto-updates and only shows contributors who are using Symzio widgets. Therefore if someone stops displaying Symzio widgets, their site will be automatically removed from the directory. This keeps things fair so that those individuals who believe in our project enough to mention us and their fellow independent contributors on their own websites are the people who benefit from receive some extra exposure via the Symzio Artist Directory. Every page on our website links to the Symzio Artist Directory, so naturally anyone who is listed will benefit from extra organic traffic and possibly receive additional ‘link juice’ from search engines. So if you’re not already using the widget, get on board to benefit from this bonus incentive!

Learn more about the Symzio Link Exchange Widget and how to use it here.

Updated Docs, Smooth Hosting and Great News for Vector Artists!

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It’s been almost 2 months since we launched Symbiostock Hosting and the overall consensus has been resoundingly positive. We’ve received encouraging feedback from users complimenting the simplicity and ease of the setup process, and many are impressed with the noticeably better speeds at which images are processed compared to other webhosts. If you’re thinking about trying out Symbiostock Hosting, checkout our free hosting migration offer and our 10% off coupon, usable on any hosting package:

Free Migrations

Coupon Code

We’ve rolled out some massive developments to Symbiostock plugins over the last several months. As a result of all the improvements and additions, all of our documentation pages have been updated to ensure you have an accurate reference guide in order to use Symbiostock plugins to their full capabilities:


If we’ve missed something, be sure to let us know through our Forums.

And now onto some very good news for our vector artists!

If you’re a vector artist, very soon you will be able batch upload JPEG files associated with your corresponding vector files and Symbiostock Pro will automatically associate that JPEG and add it as the Alternate JPEG for that vector. This means you no longer have to manually upload Alternate JPEG’s on a product by product basis, you can simply FTP all your files and you’re done. Furthermore, you will be able to set Symbiostock Pro to use metadata from the Alternate JPEG to populate your original vector product’s information. Too easy! We will be releasing this new feature very soon, so stay tuned.

Symbiostock Hosting Launch!

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After much anticipation and hard work the team here at Symbiostock are proud to announce the launch of our new Symbiostock Hosting platform! Time and time again we have found the number one cause of problems for Symbiostock users to be server side issues whereby web hosting providers fail to meet the technical needs of Symbiostock powered websites. Which is why we decided it was necessary for us to create a hosting solution to cater to the requirements of Symbiostock users. Symbiostock Hosting is a unique shared hosting environment that operates more like a VPS (virtual private server) provisioned with high CPU and memory resources necessary for the operation of standard Symbiostock sites.

Key Features of Symbiostock Hosting:

Quick Setup
Simplified CPanel Interface
One-Click WordPress Installation
High CPU & Memory Allocation
Free SSL Certificates

Symbiostock Hosting is completely different to our previous hosting service and provides a true hosting environment whereby clients have full access to cPanel and FTP capabilities for website building. This means that although we’ve created Symbiostock Hosting for Symbiostock users, anyone can register a hosting account with us and host non-Symbiostock sites.

Symbiostock Hosting offers five different packages aimed to cater for the average small to reasonably large sized digital media stores, with the Economy plan starting at $8.99/mth USD. Packages are available on monthly or discounted yearly pricing plans and we currently offer a 10% off coupon that can be applied to any plan.

It is important for prospective hosting clients to understand that Symbiostock Hosting has a Limited Support Policy and does not provide free support for software related issues. Symbiostock Hosting places emphasis and resources towards providing a robust hosting platform and our support obligations revolve around maintaining the performance and integrity of our server hardware. We have created a Hosting Support Forum within Symbiostock Forums for hosting clients to post questions in order to receive community support and additionally offer a paid Support Request Service for software related issues.