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    So what you mean is I can’t create a Symbiostock product. Because the only option I see is to create a Non-Symbiostock product.

    No, as you said, you know how to add photos, and they get added as Symbiostock products. You said your question related to have them show up on the front end of your theme, which is something we have no control over. So are you successfully uploading your images to your upload folder, and is Symbiostock’s processor adding them to your WooCommerce store?

    Also do I need to install woocommerce vendor plugin after installing Symbiostock Vendor Plugin

    You do not need WooCommerce vendors, but if you do install this, it afford extra features and makes it easier for contributors to sign up:

    Once installed, go to Symbiostock Vendors settings and ensure that the WooCommerce vendors integration is enabled.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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