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    Congrats! Great images!

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    Fantastic buddy.


    Thank you Robin. Wish more people are encouraged to join symbiostock! Such an excellent business model.

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    I’ve been busy with lots of other stuff lately, but you are 100% right; each member would have to invest less effort with each new contributor that joined, simply for the link juice and increase in global footprint that benefits the entire network. Theoretically, if everyone passively created their independent sites and joined Symzio and did nothing else, we’d still see a great deal of sales.

    So if nothing else, don’t hesitate to encourage peers to do it. It costs very little (hosting, domain) and is a promising business model that, unlike everything else right now, is future-proof.

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    Niels Kliim

    Great news Songquan – it even made me buy the Symbiostock-Express theme. Not that I think the the theme it self will sell more of my images, it just makes it so much easier to set up a clear and logic shop, than is the case with e.g. the woocommerce theme I began with.


    Thanks Niels, Express Theme is a time saver to have the site up and runing in a neat yet fully functional way. I absolutely know nothing about website building but the setup is just straightforward.


    Well said Robin.

    If every site has Symzio widget up and runing, that is a lot of links in interaction. I believe it is an extremely powerfull tool to boost ranks for both Symzio and our independent sites. It is not up in my site however, due to the foot area layout issue. We discussed in separate post but appears no good solution yet. Hope someone come with good ideas.

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    Great images! Do you have these on other stock agencies or just on your own site?


    On all agent sites of courses. As the price is lower, one customer find my site via my shutterstock profile and bought from me directly. Another one said I beat the ‘big guys’ and wish to work with the ‘small guys’ in the future 🙂

    I also have one customer like to chat via facebook. He even shared with me one photo his dad took when serving in US Airforce. I guess a lot of customers like the non-business talking. That is not something shutterstock can offer.

    Symbiostock is tiny by now but we have our advantages, no midman no commission. I also listed some point on my site why buy from me. Quote below open to discussions:

    Lowest price in industry for single RF and extended license.
    True full size image. Some photos on distribution agency sites are downsized. Not all photos are available on other agency sites.
    Consistent quality. All photos are from Songquan Deng – our freelance travel photographer.
    Specialized collection in travel and cityscape with the world’s top destinations in No need to shop elsewhere.
    License for commercial projects or personal use.
    Secure checkout with Paypal service. Worry free.
    Better communications and guidance/assistance with photo usage in projects.
    Establish friendship besides business relationship.
    Support photographer to encourage more fresh and original contents.


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    Good to know it’s working !!

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    One of my summer illustrations got new sales in Symzio an RF vector eps ($24.99) and One-Time-Use jpeg ($1.99)

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    Very cool stuff.

    FYI I haven’t been able to focus on marketing Symzio due to personal stuff as well as other work, but my enthusiasm and faith in it is always persistent. Don’t hesitate to keep marketing each other passively; it all builds up and helps.

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    George Sheldon

    Congrats, good to know there are sales in Symzio.

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