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    The photos are uploaded to the ss_media/new folder. The files are keeping their original names.

    But as soon as they are processed they are moved to a folder called “new” and the file names are changed. This procedure makes it impossible to handle more than a little number of files on the server.

    Please let the files keep the original names after processing!

    Thank you

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    I agree, they are renamed, but I have never had to refer to any specific image on the server to manage them. I’m missing the issue you see in not being able to directly manage the image files in the folder structure rather than via the admin page and media management area of the plugin?


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    Hi Tobias,

    After processing they should no longer be in ‘new’ – they should be in ss_media. They will only remain in ‘new’ if they have failed processing, and will have a prefix attached to them.

    As Steve requested, can you explain why this procedure limits the number of files you can upload?

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    Robin, you are right, of course the files are moved to ss_media. And this procedure does not limit the number of uploaded files.

    I see two problems with renaming:

    1. As mentioned in an other post, you might have thousands of files in one folder. If you ever have to work with one of those files on the server without knowing exact details of the file, it will be hard to find the file. I know, you will point once again to the media library, but I don’t see any reason why you should give up a meaningful file name, when the original file had this name at the time of import.

    2. For SEO it would be helpful to have meaningful filenames

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    Good points!

    1) You are correct – if you intend to edit files quite regularly, you would have to reference them by their IDs in Symbiostock. So, this is an easy way of finding them – first go to Symbiostock, find the image, and when you click edit the ID should show up in the URL. This is the same ID used to name the file in ss_media. But without this, there is no way to identify an image just through the directory.

    2) SEO plays no part because those images are never publicly accessible. When they are watermarked thumbnails are created that are fully SEOd in accordance with the titles of the images in the database.

    Regarding #1, this is what I suggest:

    1) If you want to edit a file, find the file in Symbiostock and edit it. Then download it to your computer via the download link on the edit page (this is new in 2.0).

    2) Edit your file

    3) Save your file with the replacement filename as indicated in the same product edit page

    4) Reupload this image to the ss_media/new directory, or upload it via the web uploader.

    This way, you never have to access ss_media, can edit any image whenever you want, and even your thumbnails will always reflect the most recent copy.

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    remar garner

    How about changing some attributes in the file name, like those business name, its logo and or slogan? Is it possible?

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    Walt Payne


    There is one issue that this causes, though hopefully it is not very frequent. I had a problem where something caused an image to be missing (deleted?).  Since the error gives the renamed file name as what image is missing, it was not so obvious what needed to be re-uploaded. I found it, but it was not as obvious as it would have been if my original file name were retained.

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