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    @ariene wrote:

    Maybe I’m missing something – do I have above problem because of FREE version and no special plugin to indexing images?
    The *bad word!* , it doesn’t work, indexing stuck completely… 😡

    Now my Sys works only as public gallery (after direct linking), with no positioning sense. IF I sell something, it will be by accident.

    Shoot, I thought I posted again on this last week.

    Image indexing is super slow in the first place and you went a while without uploading new images (per your sitemap). Google doesn’t index an entire site when it does index, especially images. The only sure way to get regular indexing is to update regularly, use your blog or something. The more frequently there is new content, the more you’ll be indexed. I also find that webmaster tools seems to lie. On my graphic design site the numbers and search queries is are way off, and they still haven’t indexed about 70 of my ads that have been up for months. But, with each new blog post, they index a few more. 😉 I really wouldn’t worry about it as much as you are. Everything looks fine from my desk.

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    I have been experimenting with different things without success until now. I began adding individual links to google web master that are under the sitemap_index.xml. Example: /image-tags-sitemap.xml

    These were indexed within 24 hours of being summited to google. Not only that but the /sitemap_index.xml started is now being indexed.

    I am still not sure why this was necessary. But it works.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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