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    As new people join the Symbiostock family, as recommended, we should provide a realm of hosting options for people to choose from. Please list your current provider, whether they provide both Imagick and shell_exec functionality, how much you pay, and any other relevant details. A short review would also be helpful.

    For those of you who are seeking a hosting solution, Symbiostock does not require anything special except base PHP 5.3+. However, for optimal functionality, including video processing and vectors, here is what you should ideally look for in a host:

    1) PHP Imagick extension. This is not just Image Magick – it is Image Magick with the optional PHP extension. Some hosts just provide Image Magick as an executable and this currently will not work with Symbiostock. This is required for vector processing and drastically speeds up image processing and reduces memory usage.

    2) shell_exec. Some hosts disable this function for security purposes. This is required for metadata writing, video processing, and may be required for some metadata reading.

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    I’m with InMotion Hosting, with their VPS package. I wrote about the reasons in this blog post:



    Mine: $3.95/month. Don’t know much about the tech stuff Robin talked about but so far didn’t have any issues runing my site.

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    Mine is Bluehost Cloud Site – Performance – 8.95/month, can handle multiple sites with unmetered storage. I don’t see any issues until now.

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    Milan Stojanovic

    Awesome thread Robin, it’s just I was looking for.
    I asked hosting companies few days ago about their shared hosting plans, this is what I got after asking them for those two services you listed:
    – “Thank you for contacting Arvixe Support. Unfortunately, we do not support these on our shared serer. However, you may …” they suggested VPS.

    – Inmotion said: ” ImageMagick is installed on our shared servers and can be run via PHP. However if you want the pecl Imagick to be installed, it would require a VPS server of better, due to it’s intense resource requirement.” … ” You can use shell_exec with us!”

    – ehosts said “We will support PHP and PECL modules and PHP shell_exec through our server.”, and I later asked will hosting eCommerce store with 20gb of files and around 2000 products be problematic they replied ” … We would absolutely be able to host a site such as that. Our cPanel comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space…”. So they seem like a legit option so far.

    – bluehost didn’t replay even after 4 days.



    Well, Bluehost did not work for me. I made the move and after two days, everything stopped working. I could not get them on the phone unless I waited over 90 minutes (three different calls). So I went back to GoDaddy – I am now on Ultimate Hosting – so far, so good. I did have an e-mail issue yesterday – got them on the phone in two minutes, and the tech had my e-mail working on my new server within three minutes. Right now, I wish I had started here. We will see how this goes.

    What is the reason your site stop working in bluehost? The server sometime hiccup but overally didn’t give me much trouble. Curious to know.


    Thanks for the info. Hopefully your site come back soon.


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    I’m relatively “tech blind” and went for Bluehost since it was endorsed directly in WordPress.  Is my first time hosting photos and more of an experiment and went for the cheapest package of $3.95 per month.  Have loaded some 2,700 images now taking up some 19 gb of space according to the stats in C-panel.   Things work as intended, cron job, etc. I have not ask for direct help but rather went through the self-help directories and videos.

    Response from the site seem to be getting slower and slower in loading pages compared to when I had fewer images when started a month ago.  But, no complaint from me as long as it can do the job of feeding into Symzio.  I have to be realistic that it is the cheapest shared hosting available.  Am taking this as a learning curve and will decide as we dwell deeper into the project on whether to upgrade to a more premium hosting package.  My site  Thanks.

    My playground at

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    My project-site runs now at entry-level privat with 370 assets published.

    I switched PHP to 5.4 in CGI mode and could increase the wordpress memory a bit. shell_exec commands and Image Magic runs well but i had problems with bigger EPS (not in data size but in image sizes) .. and (so i think) with recalculating the thumbnails with new watermark..  after starting the Symbiostock processor several times, the server shuts down for some minutes.  The host stopped the script and gives me feedback that my script tooks all the memory in RAM.

    In all fairness it should be said, my provider has up to 100 customers at one machine with their starting package. it’s seems not so funny to have one with producing downtime-script.

    My questions are: how often can a cone job be started – once a day, every hour, every minute?.. what is recommend? and maybe Robin, can you give the Symbiostock processor a RAM-limit (with a value to edit)  to protect the provider from downtime / ram overflow / whatever..

    The good news: All-inkl has very good support. Via phone and mail. no waiting time and they give tips and explanations. Very comfortable.

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    I’ve been on (Business Package) as well for many many years and I’d recommend them for anybody from Germany (since their website is in German only, although the admin area is available in English & German). Symbiostock worked right out of the box without further adjustments. Cron job is set to every minute.

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