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    Tamas (Thomas)


    I get these errors:

    Error(s): Failed to process file: _ssalt_229.jpg. Alternate file is not JPEG, or original product does not exist.

    Also, sometimes I get a duplicate JPG version beside my vector file (I guess they are not getting linked)

    Sometimes I don’t get a image in the post and medias without image can’t be purchased, it produces an error

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    Tamas (Thomas)

    Error(s): Failed to read image for watermarking: /home4/onefreev/public_html/rfillustration/wp-content/uploads/ss_media/ss_802.eps

    I see every image I uploaded

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    Tamas (Thomas)

    I got everything up and ready including an SEO strategy but the script keeps giving me these errors, can you help?

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    Hi Tamas,

    This appears to be an issue with your hosting environment, as my best guess. It could be a memory issue when the script runs, or it could be a disk space issue. I would recommend you disable the processor for a time and try running the processor manually with that same EPS uploaded and see if any errors pop up. I would also recommend you check to ensure disk space is not an issue. Further, I would contact your web host to inquire as to whether they can see if resource usage is weird with your site.

    EPS processing requires huge amounts of memory and CPU, and most cheaper hosting environments cannot adequately support this.

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    hi Robin,

    btw. Shutterstock changed the way for uploading vectors this year in two ways:
    1. they parsed the metadata directly from EPS without alternate JPG
    2. they accepted bigger EPS files up to 100 MB – with an minimum size to 4k in Pixels for vector artboards. (IMHO this bigger Artboard sizes are not easy to handle for Symbiostock)

    Since Shutterstock changed the upload conditions for vector files, it may be possible that there will be more of these errors in the future.

    An idea for Symbiostock would be to optionally exclude vector rendering. So to offer corresponding media only as alternative JPG or unchanged. This would be more resource friendly even for small hosters / CPUs.

    What you think about the new Shutterstock-Vector handling?

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