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    Hi Symbiostockers,

    i have an issue with download links – i’ve get an notice after symzio sale with broken vector-download link. but i think it is an symbiostock / cron topic.

    The problem after purchasing: the customer gets an download link like “” without any delay – it seems that no image will be processed. the link does not work for download anything.

    i in my opinion it seems that the cron job is not correctly running. CW-Version 2.5.5 WP Version 4.7.2

    the latest correct sale for working downloads was 2017/02/21. .. and i doesn’t  change any bigger issues.

    Does anyone have an idea or an comparable problem in the past?

    Thanks, Knut

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    As there is no versioning change between Feb 21st and now, it must be the file itself and not the cron job. Can you test with another file?

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    i had a call with my host – it’s the same theme as last year. Some vector media will produce RAM overload/overflow on the Server – in this case while the customer try to download eps vectors as jpg. It sounds me a bit intransparent.

    But yes, i’ve had a test with uploaded eps-vectors and they works with alternate jpg pretty well – so this is recommended for me from now. (in the past, i try to upload simple s/w vectors as eps only..) can mark me as resolved. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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