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    Does anyone have experience with Digital Ocean storage? I get an error message from SS saying “failed to find original media, product ID: xx”.
    I´m using Media Library Folders Pro S3 plugin which should work well since it imitates exactly the wp-content folder tree structure with all subfolders. It re-writes the media URL with to the new location in Digital Ocean bucket and removes the original files from the server. But it appears that SS doesn´t know to look for the media files with the new URL. Is there maybe an index.php files that has to be altered?

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    Hi, there is not quite clear what you mean with an imitation of the wp-content structure. You can define the ss_Media destination folder via the Symbiostock Interface and i think it works different that the media library.. does the plugin work with symbiostock ss_media folder and the amazon s3 cloud?

    i use the digital ocean droplet with ubuntu 18.04. I also tested with an additional Volume to my droplet. I’m not the tech expert and so i linked en external ss_media path via ubuntu to my wp-content folder and tryed in a second test to link the ss_media directly to the volume – the bad news: nothing works. i think it depends to the user rights of wordpress.

    i would also be very happy to get a workaround if anyone has a solution for that topic.

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    The Media Library Folder Pro 3 duplicates the folder structure that SS creates inside the wp-content. This so far the only off-loader plugin I’ve found that will deal with the complexity of the SS media folders. The problem is that the new URL-rewrites seem invisible to SS, in other words when a customer buys a pictures SS does not know how to look for it in the Digital Ocean bucket.
    So far nobody has been able to help, not even the people over at Max Gallery Media Library Folder Pro 3 and Symbiostock developers are nowhere to be found or of any assistance.

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    Hi NJ,

    Unfortunately this is an operating system issue and is far outside the scope of Symbiostock support – you see, Symbiostock runs on top of not only WordPress, but the whole platform runs on top of whatever processor you have (Apache, NGINX etc). Further, Symbiostock does not have any special folder structures – it stores everything in your wp-content/uploads directory, so as long as that works flawlessly with WordPress in general, it will work fine with Symbiostock as well.

    I think you have outlined the issue correctly in the sense that despite sharing the folder as you are, somehow PHP is not seeing it or accessing it in a way that allows WordPress and its plugins to manipulate data within it. So this concerns the relationship between PHP, your operating system, and the way these folders are being shared with it all.

    Sorry we are not able to assist in this regard, but it is a significantly complex issue that has little to do with Symbiostock. Regardless, please feel free to post any questions or progress and we will try to pipe in in any way we can to try to help you get your system setup as you want it.

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    Hi Robin,
    Thank you for the explanation. The purpose of using the cloud storage is the ability to store massive amounts of data in excess of TBs from photos, HD- and 4K- videos, this would exceed normal server capacities.
    Is there someone within your organization or can you recommend someone I can hire to work this out? Rewrite some PHP files? Or should I just scrub the whole idea? You can cd me at if you’d like.
    Thank you for your time.

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