February 2017: News & Updates


Problems Downloading Symbiostock Pro & Plugins?

We recently discovered an intermittent problem whereby some users were unable to download Symbiostock Pro and other plugins from the Symbiostock Store during December and January. This technical issue has been fixed now and everyone should be able to download our plugins without concern.

We extend our sincerest apologies to anyone, especially new users, who were inconvenienced by this problem. If you missed out on downloading our software, please visit our plugins page and grab what you need. Remember, Symbiostock Pro is packed with features specifically for selling digital media online and is completely FREE to use!

Download Symbiostock Pro >>

Legacy Importer Deadline Extended

In light of the plugin download issue, the Legacy Importer / Exporter will remain online until the end of February. The Legacy Importer is a free media transfer tool for migrating your images from the old Legacy Symbiostock system to Symbiostock as efficiently as possible. Our team will provide requested assistance with transitions up until February 28th, after which the importer will permanently be deactivated.

We encourage legacy users to make the most of this opportunity – it is significantly easier and time saving to transfer your media using the importer than to manually complete this arduous task.

Legacy Importer – Free Download >>

Symbiostock Artist Highlight

In an effort to raise awareness about the talented people who make up our Symbiostock community, we will soon be introducing various independent artists in a regular blog feature called the ‘Symbiostock Artist Highlight’.

In these feature articles we will place the spotlight on individual artists, their professional backgrounds and some of their work in an interview style format. For further information, including details on how you can become a featured artists, please read this forum post >>

Coming Soon: Symbiostock Vendors Plugin

We announced a new Symbiostock Vendors plugin at the beginning of the year. Symbiostock Vendors allows groups of artists who wish to work together as one entity, to establish a single core Symbiostock site whilst at the same time provisioning each artist with the tools needed to control their individual media products, without affecting the media of other users. This large scale plugin is still under testing & development and we hope to have it ready for release very soon!

Learn more about the Vendors Plugin here >>

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