Symbiostock will work with any WordPress theme. But that does not mean your store will look it’s best unless you have a chance to personalize it, or use a theme that perfectly fits your needs.

As a general rule of thumb, themes that are Woocommerce compatible will look better than themes that are not. This is because creators of Woocommerce compatible themes have already stylized Woocommerce components such as the product page, cart system and checkout, as opposed to non-Woocommerce themes where you would have to stylize such pages yourself in order for your website to look balanced and aesthetically pleasing. A level of proficiency in formatting webpages using CSS is required to stylize webpages. If you are not familiar with using code to alter webpages, we recommend using a Woocommerce compatible theme, otherwise you may need to utilize the assistance of a professional programmer to beautify your storefront.

Certain Woocomerce themes are created for particular types of products. For example, a Woocommerce theme made for selling travel packages may not perfectly fit the needs of a photographer who needs to display different image licenses and sizes on each product page. Themes that cater to visual media products, and which have stylized product purchasing options (such as dropdowns where the customer selects a product variant) would be a much more suitable.

We recommend you opt to use Symbiostock Express which is a theme developed by the Symbiostock team which optimizes the look and feel of your store for media sales, and is used by most Symbiostock users. Most theme vendors display demo versions of the themes they sell and it is recommended that you investigate theme demos before purchasing a theme. If you do not want to spend much on setting up a store, or you simply want to experiment with Symbiostock before making more of a commitment, consider using a free theme by Woothemes or use Google to search for other no-cost theme options.