COVID + Big WooCommerce Update


Don’t put the Camera Down

It has been a difficult year – bush fires & COVID, but as social media lights up with positive endeavors by individuals such as yourself, it becomes abundantly clear that different as we may be, we are all together in this.

Images such as the one above allow us to appreciate and signal the current time, which, years from now will not be remembered in the same detail. That’s why, isolated from each other, it is us, the photographers, the videographers and the artists that keep pushing forward, ensuring that every moment is captured, and every piece of media tells a captivating story.

We’re with you + WooCommerce Update

We’ve always been vigilant supporters of your creativity, and will continue to strive for your ability to work and make a living on your terms.

Accordingly, we’ve just released a large update to Symbiostock which synchronizes it to the latest version of WooCommerce. As well, all our premium plugins and themes have also been upgraded.

Proceed to your WordPress install and follow the upgrade prompts, starting with Symbiostock Pro.

As always, free lifetime upgrades for all users.


Now’s the time.

With more and more moving online amidst all the social distancing, the demand for relevant photos has never been greater. If you’re new to it, or are just getting started, or are trying to figure out what to do with all your time, this is a great opportunity. Dust off the camera, and start shooting. No better time to start building or adding to your portfolio and getting your store online than if you’re stuck at home, where with a little creativity and a lot of sunlight, you can make some magic.

Symbiostock Pro is 100% free, with lifetime updates. If you have any questions, pop them on our forum.