Migrations, Support Requests and More

1) Some good news for current and future Symbiostock users – we have now opened our support request system. If you need direct or quick help from the Symbiostock team, you can now submit a support request to us. We have nominal fees attached to some of the tasks in order to make it a sustainable ticket system.

Some services include server debugging, fresh installs, migrations from legacy, and custom work. This system is meant to provide easy solutions to individuals and organizations that want quick fixes or tweaks that they are otherwise unable to implement themselves. There are various terms associated to these support requests which you can find on the request page.

2) We are now permanently going to be using in-house or paid images from users within the Symzio network for all our blogs and emails. Our budget for these one time uses is $5, so price accordingly if you want to be included.

3) We are going to be rolling out the next stage of the Symzio network by providing a central search engine at symzio.com which will permit visitors to search the network in one quick manner.

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