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    Randy Schwartz

    I’ve read a few have used WP Rocket on their Symbio sites. Does anyone have recommended ideal settings to use? Also should Imagify by used on a stock a photo site? Lastly do you recommend disabling WordPress’s default image compression?

    Thanks for any consideration

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    Old post but they are great questions. Shame support here is so lacking to get a response

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    Randy Schwartz

    Yeah thanks. No one ever answered what should be a fairly clear process that at least someone could/should have had a best practice guideline. They have very clearcut processes for switching to light sail but nothing on this.

    That being said I did get a response from WPRocket/Imagify below:

    “Hi there,

    This is Marko from Imagify, I’ll gladly assist you here!

    There might be a workaround for this. As long as your original photos are larger than 2560px in width or height, WordPress itself will resize them to this value and append “-scaled” to their name. Imagify will optimize that one and its’ thumbnails, but the original image will stay intact.

    So you would have:

    – image.jpg
    – image-scaled.jpg (resized and optimized)
    – thumbnails

    image.jpg will not be delivered to your visitors but will be available on the server, so you might put a direct link to that one for download.

    Let me know if that would work for you. I am happy to help further if you need assistance.

    Best Regards”

    Never tried it though as I moved off the project. Let me know if you find something though.


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    hello – generating thumbnails actually doesn’t have much to do with wp-rocket. it’s just how they are managed under wordpress. there are many plugins and settings here that can optimize them.

    On the subject of wp-rocket, I have very good experience – as long as the product page does not need to be generated dynamically. Then wp-rockjet can generate a static html page. this relieves the server noticeably after a short time. and the delivery of the page is really faster!

    but it is clear that wp-rocket always clears the cache when e.g. plugin-updates are installed. or something is changed on wp-rocket.

    by the way css-minify and javascript deferred works well for me. a CDN is certainly also good – but the real boost comes from caching.

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