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    Niels Lisborg

    Hi Symbiostock,
    A pre-user question: Will Symbiostock continue to be updated in the coming years? It seems there is no updates on your facebook-profile for a year and the last version of Symbiostock is a year old. I have been using Ktools Photostore until now but unfortunately Photostore is shut down. It costs a lot of effort to start with a new system from scratch. Can I safely build a future on Symbiostock?

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    Hi Niels,

    Although we don’t necessarily have constant updates on Facebook, we are always providing support and yes, Symbiostock is a platform you will be able to use indefinitely as we are always ensuring it functions as expected. When required, we add updates to the software as well but do not do this simply to signify that we are working on it. Only necessary updates are released to minimize instability on the end user’s side.

    Thanks, and welcome!


    will your plugin working with php 7.2X soon?

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    Hi Jurgen – it likely already does, but has not been thoroughly tested with it. There is currently no immediate plan to do extensive testing with it as it is compatible with 7.1.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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