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    Hello, I intend to link my symbiostock plugin with symzio once I have posted a significant number of images to my website. My questions are, what image sizes should I have available, what should their price be and which licences should I use? Also, do any of these things factor in to becoming a symzio contributor, or do I have relative freedom to price and licence the images on my own website? For example, could I sell images using a creative commons license from my website if I wanted?

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    The two aren’t related. You can sell your images in whatever size and whatever license you want on your own site, and then use the Symzio default pricing. It might look strange for them to be free under a creative commons license (although I don’t know if they have to be free) and then sell them on Symzio, but that is up to you.


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    George Sheldon


    I don’t believe you can “sell” a creative commons work. I believe you will find, after some research, that a work distributed by creative commons has the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work. You could create a “free” license and not charge for the download.

    I agree with Steve that you should not try to wsell something on Symzio that is offered free elsehere.


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    You can sell creative commons works.That aside, I don’t actually want to sell them under a creative commons licence, I just used that as an example. What concerns me most is whether or not there a set of ‘standard’ licences which I could choose from?


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    Symbiostock comes with built in licenses, but with stock media the licenses are generally dictated by the seller. There is no actual ‘standard’ per-say, but for the most part the licensing on Symzio is modeled after the most common licensing in the industry.

    You basically have a choice between three license models:

    1) One time use license
    2) Royalty-free up to a certain number of prints
    3) Royalty-free unlimited

    These are the most common licenses available in the stock market so you can sell your media in accordance with this. You can also specify specifics as to whether you want to allow use for certain subjects (or not), etc.

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