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    Hi there,

    After much searching I decided to use Symbiostock. However I like to keep my sites up to date and I am not particularly excited about not keeping a core part of the system, WooCommerce, updated – or updating it risking bugs and issues with Symbiostock.

    I was wondering if and when you are planning to keep Symbiostock releases “always” compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce – or at the very least with the one before last. We are now at WooCommerce version 3.3.3 which is about 16 versions after 3.0.7 (providing we do not consider betas and RCs). Forgive me if I dare say Symbiostock is quite a bit behind schedule and this puts users in a position to have to deal with WooCommerce bugs only fixed by newer versions as well as, potentially, security issues.

    Sorry for raising this topic but I would like to know how long I need to wait until I can update to the latest version of WooCommerce without having Symbiostock troubles! 🙂

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    Hi there – welcome to the community, and your question is a great one – no need to apologize.

    We used to always keep Symbiostock up to date with every version of WooCommerce that was released. However, at about 2.5 or so, we realized that WooCommerce does not always do the necessary quality control checks prior to release and introduced some site breaking bugs that affected a lot of Symbiostock users. Due to this, we had to scramble to warn users not to update to the newest version of WooCommerce, and actually had to fix WooCommerce’s bugs within the Symbiostock code for those who had.

    As Symbiostock goes through heavy quality control checks prior to release (we have not had one release that introduced serious bugs or breaking actions) we decided to include WooCommerce into our own quality control procedure. As a result, to maintain and ensure maximum stability, we only update to newer WooCommerce versions when it has been established as stable, and when it is required for an upgraded experience for Symbiostock users. Right now, the WooCommerce version that Symbiostock is compatible with provides all the functionality required to run Symbiostock. If there are any new features you would like that are only available in newer version, do let us know and we can consider updating compatibility. However in general, newer updates don’t generally mean better or more stable, especially in the WordPress world, unless the team behind the software updates rarely and only when upgrades are necessary, and after heavy quality control checks.

    I hope this answers your question.

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    Great answer!! 😀

    Thank you!!

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