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    ahmad jamali

    i have got this warning wordpress comment:
    “Symbiostock strongly recommends the Imagick PHP extension for use. Please install or enable Imagick. Click here to ignore this warning and continue using the limited GD library for JPEGs only.”

    I want to know that what should I do to resolve the problem
    I hosted my website on a cloud host.

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    Hi ahmad jamali
    You have to enter the control panel of your hosting (Plesk / C-Panel etc.) must go to the PHP section and select the extension that is required by Symbiostock. If you can’t find it, contact your Hosting and ask to enter it.

    If you have a control panel that allows you SSH access you could install it.
    I hope I was helpful.

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    ahmad jamali

    thank you so much paolo
    I contacted host vendor but he says we can’t enable imagick extension on shared hosting and for enabling this extension you(me) have to use a vps server for your host .
    (my host is a shared cloud.)
    Is there any way solve this problem in my current situation?
    Thanks again.

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    Hi there – you can still use Symbiostock without Imagick, it will just be limited in certain ways. No vectors, for example, and processing of images will take a bit longer and use more resources.

    There is no way to solve this issue other than the web host enabling Imagick on your system. You can optionally look for another web host.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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