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    We bought the video plugin about 3 weeks ago and it didn’t work so far. We tried to contact Robin via email and through the support providing all the requested info and credentials for access to our site, but up to now we have received no reply and we are still waiting for an answer! So please help us to get it working or give us our money back!
    Here’s a brief description of the problem with the video plugin. Before buying it we checked with the provided tool if it worked and was supported on our site, and it did work. But since we installed the plugin we weren’t able to publish any video as there’s always this error , : Error(s): Failed to create video preview for product ID: 7215 . and the video is not uploaded on the published product page. Moreover, instead of showing the available licences for this product, it says: “This product is currently out of stock and unavailable”.
    What should we do?

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    Hi there – first of all, as is clearly explained everywhere, support is not guaranteed with our free plugins, and we do our best to provide support for the paid ones. They are all tested thoroughly before release, and thousands of users use all our plugins on a daily basis. That means, if you are experiencing an issue, it is likely unique to your installation.

    In your specific case, we have, over the last year, provided a large amount of customized support for free. We do not respond to email support requests and perform all support on the forums. Symbiostock, like WordPress, is a DIY product and you need to test, research, and work to get your sites working the way you would like. What we guarantee is our products come in a stable and working package.

    That being said, if the diagnostic works but the videos are not being parsed by the processor, you most likely have a resources issue with your host. The video plugins has been tested thoroughly and is being used by hundreds of creators right now without issue. From what I recall, your site was quite slow due to the number of plugins you had installed, so it is possible your website is overloaded and as a result it is not able to parse videos.

    Aside from that, try small sized test videos to see if they work and report back here.


    Hello Robin. Thank you for your reply.
    First of all, I want to point out that we’re talking about a paid plugin (Symbiostock Video), and we paid for it as we paid for the other one (Symbiostock Vendors).
    Your shop’s product description says ” If you purchase Symbiostock Video prior to testing your system with the diagnostic tool, and your system does not support the video plugin, we will be unable to assist you with troubleshooting.”
    Therefore I presume that, if the system does support the video plugin, as in our case, you should be able to assist us with troubleshooting if the plugin isn’t working right!
    You also say that “They are all tested thoroughly before release, and thousands of users use all our plugins on a daily basis. That means, if you are experiencing an issue, it is likely unique to your installation”. I don’t know if you’re talking in general about your free plugins (Symbiostock Light and Pro) or about the Symbiostock Video plugin, as we too didn’t experience any issue with the free plugins (Symbiostock Light and Pro). On the contrary, we found they worked so well that we decided to buy the other ones!
    If your video plugin isn’t working with us, it doesn’t depend on us but you probably didn’t test it appropriately.
    That being said, we tried with a small-sized test video (11,5 MB) and it still doesn’t work.
    If it is big trouble for you to help us get it working, you can refund us for the Symbiostock Video we paid for. If necessary we can send you the receipt of the payment.

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    Rest assured there is no problem with the plugin, and it is your system. Since you do not agree, there is nothing further we can do to assist. I have authorized a refund for your purchase. At this point, we are not able to provide you free support any further, and you are welcome to submit paid support requests should you require assistance in the future.

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