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    I see this message in my debug.php file. Since it repeats itself it is hard to ignore. Anyone know what there can be done to silence it/fix it?
    I have tried to tick the box 32 bit operating system but after saving it becomes unticked again.

    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: ssv_32bit in /usr/www/users/stocklr/staging/wp-content/plugins/symbiostock-video-diagnostic/symbiostock-video-diagnostic.php on line 21
    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP 1. {main}() /usr/www/users/stocklr/staging/wp-cron.php:0
    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP 2. require_once() /usr/www/users/stocklr/staging/wp-cron.php:39
    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP 3. require_once() /usr/www/users/stocklr/staging/wp-load.php:37
    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP 4. require_once() /usr/www/users/stocklr/staging/wp-config.php:91
    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP 5. include_once() /usr/www/users/stocklr/staging/wp-settings.php:362
    [14-Jun-2019 20:01:32 UTC] PHP 6. ssVideod->ssVideod() /usr/www/users/stocklr/staging/wp-content/plugins/symbiostock-video-diagnostic/symbiostock-video-diagnostic.php:21

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    Hi Runolfur,

    The diagnostic is just a one time use plugin – is there a reason you have it enabled permanently?


    Hi Robin.

    No, I had no real reason for doing so, i was just trying (and still am) what the message “undefined index: ssv_32bit” meant, that i was finding in the log file. I don´t know when a server is 32bit and when it is not, I am hosting my site in Germany @
    When is it needed and if you have selected it, does it need to be or can it be undone?

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    Basically, notices and warnings are quite common and you should plainly ignore them. There is no purpose behind examining why they happen or trying to prevent them. I would suggest you not worry about it.


    Good to know, as a relatively novice person when it comes to WP, I struggle from time to time with distinguishing when something needs solving and when it´s just dust in the wind.

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