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    Terry Hale

    Aside from licensing variations, the main goal my client has is to be able to sell raw images so that his customers can do whatever they want with them.

    I have been looking through documentation, but I can’t seem to find anything that specifically addresses how (or if possible) that Symbiostock will process those uploads.

    ImageMagick can handle .arw, but will the Symbiostock processing work the same way as if it were a JPG?

    Just a bit unclear on how that would work.  Thanks!

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    I’ll look into adding more file types. Right now it checks stuff by mime type. Try uploading a raw file and see if it works.

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    Terry Hale

    Thanks Robin.  Just to play around, I added .arw as a MIME ‘image/x-sony-arw’ to WordPress and as an extra line in symbiostock.php.

    I didn’t figure that would work (getting the “Failed to read” and “Failed to process” messages for two different ones), but it was a start taking a look at the files.

    From what I can tell by browsing, ImageMagick will be able to convert RAW to JPG, but I assume that type of functionality would have to be added to the Symbiostock cron procedure before the rest of the processing can occur.

    Would you be able to point me to which files specifically are involved in the cron processing?  I’m betting I could just add some code…  Fingers crossed, anyway.  🙂

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    Go to tools-ftp and change the code to this:

    function ss_get_media_type($fileloc) {
    	$filetype = ss_get_mime_type($fileloc);
    	if ($filetype == 'image/svg+xml' || $filetype=='application/postscript' || $filetype=='application/eps' || $filetype=='application/x-eps'
    		 || $filetype=='image/x-eps' || $filetype=='image/eps' || $filetype=='application/octet-stream') $type = 'vector';
    	elseif ($GLOBALS['currSSV']->ss_v && (strpos($filetype,'video/') !== false)) $type = 'video';
    	else $type = 'raster';
    	if (isset($type)) return $type;
    	return false;

    This will be implemented in the next release anyways. It basically defaults all media to a raster type if neither video or vector. This will allow you to upload any Imagick compatible media type.

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    Terry Hale

    Thanks very much for the code pre-release!  I see what you are doing there.

    At this point, that doesn’t seem to be working.  I’ve tried several different scenarios as below:

    • With FINFO off and no arw MIME registerd in symbiostock.php:

    Error(s): Failed to process file: LonghornsNearLLano1.arw. Unable to determine media type. | Failed to process file: LeopardInTheBrush1.arw. Unable to determine media type. (NO draft entries created.)


    • With FINFO off and arw MIME is registered:

    Same thing as above.


    • With FINFO on and arw MIME is registered:

    Error(s): Failed to read image for file: LeopardInTheBrush1.arw, product ID: 204259 | Failed to process file: LeopardInTheBrush1.arw | Failed to read image for file: LonghornsNearLLano1.arw, product ID: 204260 | Failed to process file: LonghornsNearLLano1.arw (Draft entries are created)

    I installed ImageMagick on my PC and it converts .arw to .jpg or .png just fine, except they come out with a darker contrast with the default convert settings.  But that’s not an issue.

    (three hours later…)

    I thought I should just delete everything above since I figured out the problem, but I’ll leave it for search purposes.

    I ran convert straight on my Ubuntu install.  After a lot of checking, turns out that the ufraw-batch delegate ImageMagick is looking for was not installed.  I guess that doesn’t come default with an ImageMagick install.

    I installed the ufraw package from the command line with sudo apt-get install ufraw

    Anyway, Symbiostock is now able to process the raw .arw files.  The color conversion sucks ha ha, but I see that UFRaw has color management with it, so I will see if I can update the delegate.xml file to include some commands for that.

    Or try DCRaw as a delegate instead, although UFRaw apparently is based on DCRaw.

    Anywho!!  Thanks very much Robin.  You are the best. 🙂

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