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    One customer placed a purchase just now and emailed me saying the file following download link is empty (0 bytes).  I test run on my site with couple of images. Whenever the image is panoramic the downloaded file is empty. For single image it works fine.

    I also tried the download in symbiostock’s media editing page and the download works fine. Thanks for any help!


    Update: tried another panoramic with smaller file size 8.65M it works file. The one failed has file size of 36.1M. Hopefully some clues with trouble shooting. Thanks for any help.


    Thank you George for the info. If it’s server’s temporary hiccup that’s fine otherwise it is a big issue as most of my files are 20, 30M+. Some panoramic files are as large as 50, 60M+.


    Files are downloaded in a flash of light but they are 0 byte file in local hard drive. No error message generated.

    As I can successfully download those files in media editing page, I doubt it is the temporary server outage.



    Thanks George, you provided a lot of good information. I really appreciate your kindness and help.

    The issue is not resolved yet. Hopefully Robin or someone understand the core of symbiostock may chime in. I really need to resolve this issue as the site is runing with very good sales trend.

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    Hey Songquan,

    This is an issue that will be PHP, Apache, or server related. Please PM me your login info and I’ll see if I can replicate the issue on my side. If I cannot, then it is a resources problem. This is very likely since it is a size related issue. I’ve not tested files that huge before with regards to images.

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    One quick solution you can do is create a license for the super large images and ensure that you don’t have ‘strip meta tags’ enabled in your Symbiostock settings. On the license page for this, make it so it filters only for very high resolutions, and ensure that ‘sell unaltered’ is clicked.

    What this will do is remove any PHP processing of the media and just provide the original to the customer.

    However, to be honest, if your thumbnails got created, there shouldn’t be a resource issue. So the best we can do is you send me your login info and I’ll dig around.


    Thank you Robin, Login info sent. Appreciate your help!

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    K, so the solution for this for now is:

    Ensure that ‘strip image metadata’ is disabled in your Symbiostock Settings. Basically, when you are stripping the metadata PHP has to process your massive image and then serve it up via PHP. This may be too much load for some servers if your image is really large.

    We’ll try to tweak this in the next release so that doesn’t happen, but for now is an easy viable solution for those of you with like 30 megapixel images.

    FYI, I uploaded the same image to our server and it did not experience the same issue. It is therefore a server specific limitation, likely relating to memory.


    Thanks Robin! I tested and it works perfectly. Appreciate very much your hard work while I was sleeping. 😛


    And thank you George. Whenever we have questions you are always there. 🙂


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