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    I want to upgrade my Symbiostock version, especially to take advantage of the new registration/checkout upgrades Leo made.

    I’m running the Clean Theme, version 2.0.0, and it shows as my Current Theme. The main Symbiostock theme only shows as one of the “Available Themes”, and I don’t see the Update button or link.

    Can I not upgrade Symbiostock if I’m running the Clean Theme? What would I need to do in order to upgrade?


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    What version are you on? At some point upgrading was disabled because the jump from 2.6.5 to 2.8.x was too big. We are at 2.9.4 now, so you would need to get it from download and then install. I am not sure if CT2.0 is compatible though, with 2.9.4

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    If you have purchased the Clean Theme the original version wont work with the current version 2.9.4 of Symbio without modification, If you email Leo he has a modified version that will work with the latest version of Symbio.

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    I am trying to upgrade and for the life of me I can’t figure this out. Please help.

    I just bought the premium upgrade but it wont install – is this a plug-in or a theme?
    (when I get the download it opens in a folder not a .zip format)
    Do I need to download the latest version of symbiostock or will the premium upgrade work instead? If so where can I find the download for the most recent version?

    Finally – is the Dragonfly child theme used in addition to the premium upgrade or instead of it?

    Thank you for any help

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    Symbiostock Professional is a plug-in, download the zip (or whatever) file to your computer then upload using Plugin, New, Upload.

    Dragonfly is instead of your own Child theme/Clean them if you wish to use it, it is optional, it gives you various colour (and possibly layout) options.

    It looks like you might be running the main theme at 2.6.5? I am not sure if the latest professional needs an upgrade to 2.9.4 (which was the current one last time I looked) or not.

    If upgrading Symbiostock itself I think you need to enable a different theme, delete (or rename) your 2.6.5, disable the Symbiostock email notification plugin and download the latest version to your computer and then upload. It will change your headers around so do not do it when you are in a hurry. When I want the latest version I just hunt through the forum till I find one of Leo’s threads with the link. Or it might be at

    If you can set up a test subdomain and load wordpress and the latest version and learn your way around the Customise option and navigation headers it will save you a lot of time – or if you contact me via Skype I will see if I can help if you need it. - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    Thank you. So if I understand correctly. Activate 2013. Delete symbio. Upload new symbio. Activate new symbio. Activate dragonfly.

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    Ok I followed these instructions but my browser just stalls when I try to upload the new symbio theme. What am I doing wrong when uploading this theme?

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