• Hi guys, You can almost always find the image by locating the image number from the confirmation e-mail or paypal confirmation and then going into the media library and searching by the number. That will pull up a minipic which you can then cross reference. Not pretty or smooth but it does work.

    For anyone who is lurking – when you get an order…[Read more]

  • Chromaco replied to the topic DPC opt out in the forum Off Topic 6 years, 10 months ago

    This particular issue seems to be the hottest topic and the first one to get 20 votes over at the Microstock Collective.

    As of today about 90% of participants have opted out but interestingly that relates to only about 77% of the images represented.
    Also about 86% of the participants feel…[Read more]

  • Hey everyone, Leo got into programmer talk and might have made this sound way more complicated than it actually is.
    Actually I think it is really cool and you should check it out and play around a bit.

    What it does-
    It allows contributors to vote on the agencies on about 20 different categories and then ranks those agencies on those…[Read more]

  • Chromaco replied to the topic WooHoo! Sales! in the forum Symbiostock News 7 years ago

    You should get two e-mails.
    1st the copy of the one sent to the customer with your thank you message. It should show the image purchased (although my gmail hides the image unless I tell it to show them)
    2nd a confirmation of payment from paypal.

    If you are not getting both of them something is wrong.

  • I would like to have the automatically generated image number removed or placed in a less prominent place. I use my own numbering system and when a customer asks for this automatic image number it is very difficult and confusing.

  • Chromaco replied to the topic WooHoo! Sales! in the forum Symbiostock News 7 years ago

    Way to go, you can click on the image in the confirmation e-mail and it will take you right to the image page. That is an easy way to see which image was actually sold.

  • Steve, did you develop a sales tracking/stats plugin for your co-op sites. If so I would be interested in purchasing that plugin from you. FWIW this is about 1 of five plugins that I could use. It looks like I might need to start paying someone myself to make these plugins for me.

  • What if Leo were to offer a version that would be maintained but collected a 10% commission on sales? A free version could still be downloaded but eventually it would become obsolete because only the paid version was maintained. The core problem here is that any time spent on Symbiostock from a development standpoint is wasted and unpaid. It just…[Read more]

  • Ok I just spent about an hour exploring this problem. There are some inconvenient things. Which probably could be fixed fairly easily.
    1) It seems that the generated password in the welcome e-mail won’t work. I solved this by changing my welcome letter to inform the customer about this. Not perfect but a simple fix.
    2) When registering with an…[Read more]

  • If you consider that time is money and support doesn’t seem to want to help all that much. You might be better off changing to one of the recommended service providers. I know nothing about coding and I’ve never had any issues with the theme. $5.00 per month might worth getting rid of all of these headaches.

  • This happens with some versions of Mac safari. First I’ve heard about it with other browsers. Alaways macs though. You need to change the extension not delete it. I actually address this as a FAQ on my contact page because it happens fairly frequently. FYI I am a Mac guy and can’t duplicate the problem. It is only certain versions.

  • Chromaco replied to the topic Symbiostock beginner in the forum Welcome 7 years, 1 month ago

    Wow! OK, I really don’t understand menus all that well but I think you should simplify. Start by taking all of your pages out of your menus except 1. Then add pages 1 at a time and see what happens. That is how I did it. Its a bit slow but at least you can see what is going on.

    ETA: this part that you are in right now is what gave me the most…[Read more]

  • I have been operating on a common sense premise which is the following. “Googles primary goal is to send the searcher to the most relevant page possible based on the search term.” It seems logical that they would consider keywords along with content – particularly content. I assume Google rates the keywords based on how they relate to the content…[Read more]

  • Chromaco replied to the topic Information Poll on MSG in the forum General 7 years, 1 month ago

    That is because some people probably didn’t answer all of the questions. I only answered three categories to test the poll with the intention of filling the rest out afterwards and it won’t let me edit my vote.
    I’m interested in %’s
    Like 5 of six sites started are still functioning and 90% of people who tried were able to successfully get their…[Read more]

  • Chromaco replied to the topic Symbiostock beginner in the forum Welcome 7 years, 1 month ago

    Here is a secret for people like me who don’t know anything. Call Bluehost and own your ignorance. They will do a lot of this for you. Ask lots of dumb questions and make the techs feel really smart. That is how I got through my first install. I called Bluehost 6 times, Godaddy 3 times and Paypal twice. Seems silly but they don’t know me, they…[Read more]

  • Chromaco replied to the topic Information Poll on MSG in the forum General 7 years, 1 month ago

    Bumping this one- 50 responders so far, some interesting information is forming. I would be interested in how some of you are interpreting the information. What are your thoughts?

  • Chromaco replied to the topic Symbiostock beginner in the forum Welcome 7 years, 1 month ago

    Susan, if I could ask a favor? Would you be willing to chime into this thread and comment on your progress? Like “just installed the theme but had this question” or “I’m looking through the dragonfly themes and I found it easy to use”
    Many of us have been doing this for a while and the perspective of a brand new user would be incredibly useful.…[Read more]

  • That impossible!. No one is paying for images anymore. Haven’t you heard… you just charged to much. It’s ironic that we little guys can make these types of sales but Getty can’t.

    Seriously though… congratulations to both of you. Business as usual over here at Symbiostock.

  • @Jezper wrote:

    Thanks for the ride…….. Getty finally F***** it up for all of us.

    Not so sure yet. The world has its own way of reacting to things. Free is most always “not free” and smart people know it. There is a reason people are paying for images right now. Among other reasons is uniqueness or relatively limited use of the image. I might…[Read more]

  • I don’t think anyone even knows how to respond to this. Give it about two months when commissions plummet and we will see what happens. I’m glad I have started building my life boat. This is just crazy.

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