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    Eduardo Guilhon

    I just bought the complete Symbiostock package and am installing and configuring it for a client, but initially I have two questions or problems …

    First) I imported the default settings and the demo of the site and I have the licenses configured (I think I did it correctly), but it is appearing as a drop down list (“ “) and would like it to appear only in list form, as in the Symbiostock demo site.

    Second) When I add a new product and mark it as virtual and download, even adding the licenses, the value does not appear, I have to add as a variable product, but there is no way to mark it as a virtual product to download … I do not know What am I doing wrong?

    I’m using:
    WordPress 5.2
    Theme: Symbiostock Express: 4.0.1
    Active Plugins:
    – Slider Revolution 5.4.8
    – Symbiostock Lite 3.4.0
    – Symbiostock Pro 5.0.4
    – WooCommerce: 3.4.4

    Thank you!

    Web and Graphic Development

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    Hi Eduardo,

    Thanks for the questions.

    1) I am not certain why your licenses are not appearing as a drop down. Can you try a fresh separate test install and do the procedure again, but change no settings whatsoever, and upload a test image to see if the list still appears as a drop down?

    2) With Symbiostock, you do not add products yourself. The Symbiostock processor adds images automatically from the upload folder as designated in your Symbiostock settings. When they are uploaded there, and Symbiostock processes them, then they are added as Symbiostock products. Otherwise you are creating non-Symbiostock products, and they will not work with Symbiostock.

    As for licensing, you should never have to manually add or remove licenses except in special circumstances. Use the filtering systems with the licenses to auto-apply them to whatever you want. If you do want to manually do this, within the license edit page, you need to un-check the auto apply licenses option, in which case they will neither be removed or added to a product.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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