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    You don’t have to edit each picture individually – in fact, you can edit as many as you want using the bulk edit feature. But try not to do more than 100 at a time or your page may timeout when you try to submit it.

    On your Media list page, click on ‘Screen Options’ and change the ‘Number of Items Per Page’ to whatever you’d like. Then go through the list and checkbox every one that you want to add to any category.

    Then once you’ve selected them all, under the bulk actions option, pick ‘Edit’, then ‘Apply’.

    Select all the categories you want them to be a part of and click ‘Update’.


    You can do this for the next page, and the page after that in a faster way than editing each product individually.

    Note: You can’t remove products from categories this way. This is a known issue in WordPress.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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