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    Having been a successful web developer for over fifteen years, I have had to learn a lot about search engines and how to market a website. Luckily, things have become slightly simpler as search engines have curbed a lot of the tricks that used to work.

    One thing, since the emergence of Google, that has remained strong is the voting strength of the backlink.

    This, simply put, is a link from one website to you. This is counted as a ‘vote’. The more votes you get, the deeper search engines like Google will index your site, and the higher your site will show up in the results.

    You cannot readily fake these anymore – you can’t create fake sites to link to your site, you can’t buy backlinks – any actions towards these ‘blackhat’ methods can result in you being banned by search engines. And once you’re banned, you will have to move on – it is hard to regain reputation once it is damaged with search engines.

    Nowadays, backlinks don’t just work one way – if you link to relevant, solid sites, this strengthens Google’s trust of you because it means you are an ‘active voter’. This has less relevant an effect as receiving trustworthy backlinks, but anything you can do to get in Google’s good graces is… good.

    Here are a few tips to help you get going:

    1) Link to your site in your forum signature – any post you make will then create a backlink to your site.

    2) Join the Artist Network – it is a free way to get a permanent, highly relevant backlink to your site.

    3) Link to the Artist Network – Google will see that you are linking to relevant sites, further strengthening your ‘cloud’ footprint.

    4) Remain active in discussions so more of your backlinks show up.

    5) Be social with your site – don’t spam it, but even posting with Facebook, and your Facebook page linking to your site, provides Google hints.

    6) Be patient – SEO is no longer a quick man’s game. You must be dedicated to it, and do it consistently.

    7) You can’t do it alone – use Symbiostock’s environment and community to boost each other. It is difficult to dominate Google without support from other sites. Symbiostock is a well established brand – use it in any way you can, and network with other Symbiostockers.

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