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    We now move forward with our zealous march towards contributor independence, and mark that switch with the introduction of our permanent, unflinching two-tenet philosophy:

    One: Promote your independent site

    Two: Join and promote Symzio

    That’s all each contributor has to do to make this dream a reality. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    • Always link to Symzio from your Symbiostock site. A large majority of the revenue generated from Symzio sales goes right back to the contributor community. Failing to link to Symzio from your independent site is now considered bad form, and a statement telling the rest of the community that you’re not interested in working towards independence. By linking to Symzio from your independent site, you passively contribute towards greater sales for the entire community.
    • Beautiful sites attract customers. It is easy to use your independent site as a way of attracting customers. Make it look good, and don’t hesitate to send customers to Symzio; remember, you get 100% of the revenue when a customer buys your stuff through Symzio if they came to Symzio from your site. By promoting your independent site, you attract more contributors who will do the same, generating sales for you as well.
    • Interchangeably promote your site along with Symzio. As long as your independent site links to Symzio, it does not matter whether you promote Symzio directly, or promote your independent site. Interchangeably promote both to maximize the footprint we, as a community, create in the world wide web.
    • Sales you get via your independent site are successes for us all. Every sale generated through your independent site or through Symzio brings us one step closer towards complete contributor independence. Every customer that is pleased with their purchase will trust and prefer purchasing from us directly, and moves us forward.
    • Link to Symzio even if you aren’t a Symzio contributor. Become an affiliate of Symzio, and earn on any sales generated through it while helping other contributors and the community as a whole through cross promotion.
    • Use Symzio badges to promote an independent contributor community. Link to Symzio or your independent site using our official badges. Add them to email signatures, forum post signatures, and blogs. Use them for site-wide links so that everyone that is exposed to your content becomes inspired with the communal push towards independence.
    • Share your efforts and successes with the rest of the community. The entire Symbiostock project has graciously evolved through communal suggestions and participation – promoting it should be no different. With every effective tip you post, ten other contributors can benefit from it, exponentially increasing our joint forward push.
    • Social media is like the wind. With every share, every post, every tweet and Facebook blurb, you create a tangible push. With every contributor that does the same, Symzio moves forward quicker and with more force.

    As with most emerging industries, there is a narrow window of opportunity to make your mark. After years of suffering under the unstable yoke of third party agencies, the Symbiostock project, the first of its kind, truly provides a full and complete infrastructure, from media maintenance to customer sales, all controlled by you. This is potentially the best and only opportunity for professional stock and microstock producers to create permanent financial security in their craft, for the present, and for the future.

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